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No description

Priscilla Escatel

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of COLOR ME FLUENT

Purpose of Program: To strengthen an individual's speech habits and instill the concept of "Let out air, Let out tightness, Let out talking"
Fluency Shaping:
Levels of Fluency
Levels of Fluency
Theoretical Basis
Created by: Shelley Cardoza, Priscilla Escatel, Melissa Larson, Anthony Montesinos
Intended Age:
Ages 2 to Adult
Creator: Alice Anne G. Farley

Stuttering Modification:

The purpose is to stutter more fluently. Teaches blocking and control
Introduces over-learning and exaggerating correct speech while promoting and reinforcing fluency
Levels of Fluency
Green Speech:
The Umbrella of Orange Speech
Targets help the client stay on track and ensure that they are using their best speech habits.

Recorded Data
Progress sheets are used to record daily / weekly increments which make use of the following criteria:
To achieve "Green" Speech client must consistently make use of the following:
Regular, automatic, smooth speech
Speech with minimal disruptions or difficulty
Clear strength in coordination of language and motor speech

Fluency develops gradually as a result of practice with orange speech
Maintaining "Green" Speech
Maintaining "green" speech requires a support system

Plan for the occurrence of "red" speech:
Cancel by pausing and repeating the blocked word.
Exaggerate blocked word using orange speech
Next few sentences should start with stretchy onset or loose contact following red speech.
Work to regain orange speech
Practice daily to make orange and green speech natural

Discuss progress daily

Achieving Green Speech
How does the individual benefit from such a program?

Stretchy, careful speech
Efforts to understand, predict, control, and monitor stuttering
Carefully planned speech with an element of naturalness
Choosing to talk
Uses targets to coordinate language and motor planning

Adaptive Stuttering
Disfluent speech
Blocks and hesitations
Discoordination of jaw, lips, and tongue
Poor rhythm, timing, stress, and intonation
Poor breath support
Secondary characteristics: facial grimaces, inappropriate body movements
Use of fillers and starters
Avoidance of certain words

Stuttering Modification
Stutter More Fluently Targets
Steps in Control:

Cancellation (Post-block correction)
1. Stutter through the entire word. Complete the word. Don't back out.
2. Pause seven seconds. Analyze the stutter. Determine strategies for easier stuttering

Pullout (In-block correction):
1. Begin pullouts only after you are using cancellations on 50% or more of blocks
2. Begin to "loosen up, lighten up and let go" of tightness while you are stuttering. (Farley & Martin, 2003) . Use techniques in manual
3. You are shifting from red speech (25%) to orange (50%) and "out" through green (25%) just as you did when you cancelled.

Regular speech
Automatic, smooth speech with minimal disruptions
Absence of timing, stress, intonation, or rhythm difficulties in speech
Coordination of language and motor speech

The collaborative team and student work together to improve clients speech
Individuals are provided with:

The tools allow team to show client what occurs when you speak and stutter and provide other ways to change the way you speak.
Targets include:
Full Breath
Breath and Speech Together
Talking in phrases / Short Sentences
Pause Often
Continuous Vocal Phonation
Plan speech before speaking

Fluency Level
Number of stuttering episodes per minute
Percentage of red, orange, and green speech
Observed behaviors during speech
Success Rate Data
Child-centered activities
Simple color concepts
Provides all handouts, materials, data charts, etc. required for therapy
Use of vague terms (fluency, correct speech)
Detrimental to color blind
Best for elementary school students
Limited anecdotal evidence point to success according to SLPs who use it
Field-tested by author, but no other data regarding success rates
Handy Handouts. Retrieved from: Super Duper Publications. 2013. http://www.handyhandouts.com/viewHandout.aspx?hh_number=103
Color Me Fluent: Fluency Program. Retrieved from: Super Duper Publications. 2013. http://www.superduperinc.com/products/view.aspx?pid=bk324#.UmCG02TwKoc
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