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Jimmy Valentine Character Analysis

No description

Nikki Moore

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Jimmy Valentine Character Analysis

What does Jimmy want
Jimmy wants for Annabel to be in love with him.

What are the obsicals in his way?

The obsical in his way is his job. Since he was a safe cracker, she wouldn't want to be with him. That is why he lies.

How does he go about getting what he wants?

He gets what he wants by changing his name and starting his own business. Jimmy thinks he will be more likely to get the girl if he isn't a criminal, and it worked.
Motivating Desires
Name: Jimmy Valentine
Valentine's secret is his name and job.Valentine tells Annabel and her family his name is Ralph D. Spencer and starts his own shoe company.

Jimmy fears that Annabel will find out about the job he had before he met her.

Jimmy is dynamic because at the beginning he was the bad guy that just wanted money. More towards the end he was the good guy.

Jimmy is antagansit at the beginning, but at the end he is the protaganist.
He was the antaganist because he was robbing banks. He was the protaganist because he saved the little girl that was locked in the volt.
Jimmy Valentine is the Antagonist because he robs banks to get money.
Jimmy Valentine is an adult man.


Valentine cracked safes as his job for a long time. However, he soon starts his own shoe company because he meets a girl.
Jimmy Valentine is a young guy that cracks safes for a living. He isn't an easy person to arrest for police, but Ben Price ends up doing it. Valentine goes to jail for 10 months and then is let out. As soon as he gets out he already starts to rob banks, but he is smart so he doesn't get caught, again. Valentine goes to Elmore to rob the bank but decides against it when he sees Annabel Adams. The two fall in love and Jimmy stops cracking safes and lives and honest life.
External Qualities
Spiritual Qualities
Mental Characteristics
: Jimmy Valentine is an intelligent and elegant man.
Jimmy likes to have money, so he can be nicely dressed and buy what he wants. In order for Jimmy to get that money he needs to be intelligent. He knows how to keep police off his back so he doesn't get caught.

Emotional Charachteristics
Jimmy is an easy-going guy with a sense of humor. I say this because he kind of jokes around with the warden and everyone seems to like him. People like him even if they are trying to catch them for his crimes.
Mental Characteristics
Emotional Characteristics
Jimmy Valentine Character Analysis
By: Nikki Moore

External Qualities
: Jimmy Valentine is an adult man who robs banks as a job. He now lives with Annabel Adams in Elmore.

Spiritual Qualities
: At first Jimmy didn't care about much other than getting money, but he didn't really care about that either. He would be careless with money. When he went to Elmore to rob the new bank he met Annabel and now she is his top priority.
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