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The Magician Book Report

No description

Joey Hickling

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of The Magician Book Report

by Michael Scott The Magician •Adventure
•destruction •Nicholas Flamel- Guides Sophie and Josh on their path to becoming magicians. He was born in Paris, France on September 28 1330. He is an alchemist and a magician. He is also Dr. John Dee's arch enemy.
•Sophie Newman- Twin sister of Josh. Sophie has a silver aura which is one of the most powerful auras ever. She has learned air magic and learns fire magic in this book. Characters •Niccolo finds Nicholas and traps him on the hillside of Notre Dame. Scatty, Sophie, and Josh are hiding behind a bush watching Nicholas.
•Dee starts working with Niccolo
•Nicholas finds the sword Clarent. Clarent is evil twin of Excalibur. Josh starts training with that Rise in action • The disir ralease the Niddhog to try to kill scatty while Dee and Niccolo try to capture the twins.
• Mars Ultor awakens Josh's senses. Climax •Nicholas, Josh and Sophie travel to London to escape form Niccolo and Dee.
•Niccolo is in charge of killing Perenelle.
•Dee still needs to try capture the twins Resolution Themes of The Magician Characters, con't. • Josh Newman- Twin brother of Sophie. Josh has not had his senses awakened yet so he can not learn any magic. He get's awakened by the elder Mars Ultor. An elder has qualities of a god and was worshiped as a god but is not a god. He has a golden aura which is one of the rarest and most powerful auras a person can have.
Scatty-Next generation of elders. Scatty invented many forms of fighting including tae-kwon-do. Scatty helps protect and teach the twins in the arts of hand-to-hand combat. A next generation is the children of elders. Characters con't. •Dr Jhon Dee- Arch enemy of Nicholas Flamel. Kidnapped Perenelle Flame and stole the Codex. Perenelle is Nicholas' wife. The codex is a book that contains spells and potions on how to destroy the word and become immortal. He works for the dark elders(antagonists). The dark elders want to return the world to when they were worshiped as gods.
Niccolo Machiavelli- President of the french secret services. Allied with Dee in their search to find the missing pages of the codex. Recomendations Author Conflict Fall in action •Dee knows Josh and Sophie are the twins of legend so he will stop at nothing to capture them even if it means destroying Paris again
•Josh has not had his senses awakened •Make it on train to London
•Josh goes looking for Mars Ultor •Ages 10-16.
•I recommend that you should read this book •Micheal Scott
•Began writing around 25 years ago
•writes fantasy, science fiction and Irish folklore
• One of Ireland's most successful writers
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