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Joey and Justin

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Joey and Justin

Joey and Justin
Medal Of Honor

Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor was created for the Navy. About 3,500 men and one woman has received the Medal of Honor. Now the Medal of Honor given to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis fought in the Vietnam War. While in combat he and 42 other soldiers fought back 1800 enemy soldiers. Afterward, he took two tiring trips across a river to save 4 of his fellow soldiers.
Herschel Williams
Stephen R. Gregg
Patriotism means the noun form of a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. For example, Sammy Davis wanted to become a soldier when he was very young and wanted to support his country.
While at Iwo Jima during World War II, Herschel and his platoon needed to open a way for infantry. With only four rifle men covering for him, and while carrying a 40 pound flamethrower, Herschel Williams sneaked up to a concrete pillbox. He put the nozzle of his flame thrower into a exhaust hole on top of the pill box and proceeded to flame the pillbox. When enemies ran out, Herschel burned them to death. In four hours he infiltrated and destroyed 7 pillboxes.
During Word War II, Stephen saw that his platoon was being fired upon and was thrown hand grenades. He also saw that his medical aid man was not able to help the wounded soldiers. Lt. Gregg proceeded to pick up a gun and shoot while he pushed forwards with his medical aid man following behind him. His medical aid man moved the wounded soldiers to safety. When Stephen ran out of ammo, the Germans surrounded him and asked him to surrender. Meanwhile the now healed soldiers surrounded the germans and shot the Germans dead.
Valor is the act of courage in the face of danger, especially in combat. For example, Herschel Williams sneaked up to 7 pillboxes proceeding to flame them with his flamethrower, while he was fired upon.
Honor means high respect and esteem. For instance, the Medal of Honor doesn't belong to Herschel Williams but instead the fallen soldiers that assisted him in taking the pillboxes down.
Courage means the ability to do something that frightens someone else. For example, Stephen Gregg pushed forwards while shooting germans in order to get his medical aid man to the wounded soldiers.
The Medal of Honor is a very prestigious award that is given to the most brave, courageous soldiers in combat. We believe that these three soldiers deserve the Medal of Honor and that they all showed great amount of Courage, Honor, Valor, and Patriotism, which are all required to earn the Medal of Honor.
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