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Young Life

No description

jennifer griscom

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Young Life

Young Life Club Young Life Leaders What is Young Life? High school Students People who love God and love high school students and want to spend their time and effort building relationships with thes kids and to show them through spending time with them and loving them how much God wants to spend time with them and how much He loves them. In order to become a Young Life Leader, a person is required to go through a year of "training." A vast majority of YL leader are college students. The first half of our training as leaders consists of 1 day per week for a semester of learning what Young Life is, what its mission is, and how it operates. The second half of training includes the weekly meeting, a weekly Bible study, and a mandatory book to be read and journal entries on each chapter. Leaders are then interviewed by the YL's Area Director. The training leaders and Area Directors then choose who they think is ready to go out into the high schools and serve the students as well as the high school where that leader should be working. Club is a once-a-week event that we invite our high school friends to come to and hang out and have fun. At club we play crazy games, put on funny skits, have a weekly raffle of different prizes, and share a part of the Gospel. Our goal at club is for high schoolers to have a place where they can come and laugh and have a ton of fun. Club is typically about one hour, and we spend the last ten minutes of each club sharing something new about who Jesus is and the Gospel.
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