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Author's Purpose - Mrs. Newberry

No description

Ashley Newberry

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Author's Purpose - Mrs. Newberry

Why does an author write? What do YOU want to write about?

Choose your purpose! BEFORE an author writes something, he/she first has to decide WHY they want to write in the first place.

This is called the AUTHOR'S PURPOSE. P - Persuade

I - Inform

E - Entertain Figuring out the Author's Purpose is as easy as PIE! When an author writes something to PERSUADE you, he/she is trying to change your opinion about something.

Examples of persuasive text include:

- Magazines
- Ads PERSUADE When an author writes something to INFORM you, he/she is trying to teach you information from his/her writing.

Examples of informative text include:

- National Geographic Magazines
- Newspaper Articles
- Nonfiction stories INFORM ENTERTAIN When an author writes something to ENTERTAIN you, he/she is trying to get you to enjoy what you read.

Examples of entertainment text include:

- Fairy tales
- Diary of a Wimpy Kid
- Captain Underpants
- Dr. Seuss Books
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