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Diamondback rattle snake

No description

John Miller

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Diamondback rattle snake

Habitat/ food
The diamondback is an awesome reptile. It can weigh up to 10 lbs. They can eat something WHOLE! They have a dark line on the side of their face. There is an other one on the other side of their face.
Interesting facts
These snakes are the largest venomous snakes. It's rattle keeps enemies away. Stay away from a diamondback curled up because it will strike! Its forked tongue is like its nose! It will glare at you when you its mad.
Don't you think the diamondback rattlesnake is cool? I hope you enjoyed this prezi. Thanks!
Diamondback rattle snake
San Diego County has some very cool and unique animals. I chose a Diamondback rattle snake because I think they are interesting.
The diamondback lives in California and Mexico. The habitats are deserts, plains and forests. They will feed on rodents and small mammals. They will also eat mice, rabbits and lizards.
The End
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