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Maharaj's Sarvoparipanu

No description

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Maharaj's Sarvoparipanu

Maharaj's Sarvoparipanu

Balam: Bhagwanni Ichha
Jetalpur 5
7 years to 7 minutes!!!
D.C Patel and Kanishbhai
Our part: Daily Applications
How does Maharaj's Sarvoparipanu help in day to day lives?
We do Bhakti...
Dradh Priti
Sarvopari, Sakar, Sarva Karta, Pragat
You understand that He is Sarvopari, and we should want to please him
Maharaj Says this himself
Various Vachanamrut quotations, The Swamini Vato, and several Prasangs of Maharaj prove that Maharaj is truly Sarvopari.
Bhagwanni Ichha
It's all his wish...
And not ours
Sarvoparipanu in our daily lives
Why is it important to know?
How does knowing Maharaj's Sarvoparipanu help me today?
Maharaj's Words
Maharaj says he is sarvopari in the Vachanamrut.
There is also evidence in the Swamini Vato...
and several prasangs.
Ahmedabad 6
Loya 13, 18
Antya 37
Swamini Vato
"There is nothing more to understand and this is all that needs to be understood, know Maharaj as Purshottam (supreme God) and this Sadhu as Akshar."
-Swamini Vato 3.38
Nishkulanand Swami
Swamini Vato 3.12
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