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Food glorious food

No description

Edita Niauriene

on 3 May 2015

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Transcript of Food glorious food

Food Pyramid
Look at Sally's chart and write down your own one.

What did you eat yesterday?
Compare your chart with your classmate.
ate more?
had healthier meals?
ate junk food?
What did you eat yesterday?

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Peter Menzel and his wife Faith travelled the world exploring how the eating habits differ from country to country. In total, 30 families from 24 different countries were visited and photographed at home, at the market, and surrounded by their weekly food supplies.
Britain: The Bainton family spend £155 on their weekly food. They list their favourite foods as avocado, prawn cocktail and chocolate fudge cake with cream.
Chad, North Africa: The Aboubakar family from Sudan spend £37 a week on food to feed six people
Japan: The Ukita family from Kodaira City with their £200 weekly food shop.

Egypt: The Ahmed family from Cairo who spend around £43 a week on food.
Luxembourg: The Kuttan-Kasses of Erpeldange who spend around £298 pounds a week on food

The Revis family from the USA spend £220 on the weekly food shop which includes several fast food take-aways
more at:
Your family's weekly groceries.
How much does your family spend on food per week and what kind of food do you eat?
Food Pyramid
Supersize Me
For 30 days, Morgan Spurlock consumes nothing but food from McDonald's, an experiment in bad living that aims to criticize junk gastronomy and corporate power.
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