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Portugal rocks

No description

João Pinetree

on 13 August 2017

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Transcript of Portugal rocks

Thank you for your attention!
Now without make up
Let the Quiz begin!
Portuguese is the:
a) 8th most spoken language
b) 6th most spoken language
c) I thougth you speak in spanish
d) 5th most spoken language
Which one of this cities is the second
with more Portuguese natives?
a) Oxford
b) Paris
c) Luxembourg
d) Toronto
Which one of this words
is related to Portuguese
a) Arigato
b) Salut
c) Gracias
d) Buon giorno
Which portuguese princess (future Queen of England) introduced one of the most English traditions, the afternoon tea?
a) D. Maria I
b) D. Catarina de Bragança
c) D. Isabel II
d) D. Teana Camomila
Which part of the pig do we eat?
a) legs and ribs
b) head legs and loin
c) C'mon we eat the whole pig
d) Only the guts
In which year did Saramago win the nobel prize of literature
a) 1998
b) 1995
c) 2004
d) 2010
Which Portuguese music genre was recently classified as world heritage?
a) Rancho
b) Vira
c) Fado
d) Pimba
Where is produced the Oporto Wine
a) Porto
b) Douro region
c) Alentejo
d) Wherever there is grapes
We organized the football eurocup, when?
a) 1958
b) 1996
c) 2002
d) 2004
What's the most famous portuguese tradicional cake?
a) Suspiros
b) Papos de anjo
c) Pasteis de nata
d) Bola de berlim
Where's the 2012 european youth capital?
a) Braga
b) Beja
c) Bragança
d) Benavente
Where's the 2012 european
culture capital?
a) Guimarães
b) Gondomar
c) Gandra
d) Gaia
How did the "Tea" word appear?
a) Take English Accent
b) Twilight Edward A+ blood
c) Transporte Ervas Aromaticas
d) Thirty Eight Aliens
What do you know about Portugal?
Yes, that is also probabily true

But what exactly are portuguese culture made of?
Yes, that is probabily true

That it has no money?
That we are in a huge "crises"?
But deep down, portuguese people have a peculiar character...(or other countries think we have;)
ok ok, some of them are true...such as:
-we are always late
-we think we know how to speak perfect spanish

Do you know fadista Amália Rodrigues?
and dancing =)
-we love to help people that are lost, but usually we don't know to do it
-All men think they understand a lot about cars.

But come on, portuguese women have not a MUSTACHE !!!
Let's see what you've learned this week...
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