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Sierra Leone's Civil War and Child Soldiers

No description

McKenna Lee

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Sierra Leone's Civil War and Child Soldiers

Sierra Leone's in the
1990s Civil War in the 1990s The Civil War Life During
The War Rebels beat people to death.
There was a lack of food and medical care.
plundering, rapes, and massacres
During the war, cannibalism was not rare. Why The
War Started 3,000 rebels of the Revolutionary front led by Corporal Foday Sankoh (nicknamed General Moskito)
general Moskito was highly experienced and killed many people
Terrorized the population of rural areas
The army and the RUF were usually under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
inner-political rivalry
RUF fought against RSMLF ( regular, poorly-trained army)
RSLMF--Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces Life After over 50,000 deaths
1,270 schools destroyed
limited political freedom
long recovery needed (even after a decade) Child Soldiers Life Before
Being A Soldier lived in villages
no electricity
no cars--had to walk everywhere
went to school Life as a Soldier 9-16 years old
given drugs
They would do anything ordered of them
denied education
trained for fighting Becoming
a Soldier forced into war
placed in combat
children as young as 8 were stolen from their homes
Children were told their families would be hurt if they did not join. Life After a Soldier war sorrows persist
people attempt to promote their healing
still malnourished
suffer from nightmares, sadness, intrusive thoughts, and recurring images 1991 Start of civil war. War declared over. 2002 January 1992 President Joseph Momoh ousted in military coup 1997 Peace deal unravels. 1999 January Rebels backing Revolutionary United Front leader Foday Sankoh seize parts of Freetown from Ecomog. 1999 May A ceasefire happens. 1999 July Six weeks of meetings in the Togolese capital Lome. April/May 2000 UN forces come under attack in the east of the country British forces mount operation to rescue remaining UK hostages. 2000 September 2001 March UN troops for the first time begin to deploy peacefully in rebel-held territory. 2001 May Disarmament of rebels begins Summary From the year 1990 to 2002, Sierra Leone was locked neck and neck into a brutal civil was that killed tens of thousands of people. Child soldiers were forced to fight their family and friends until the death. Even today, they are still trying to recover from the harsh attacks on their country, by their own people.
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