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Tesla Presentation

No description

Heather Fabry

on 22 November 2011

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Transcript of Tesla Presentation

Think Smart:
The Smart Cars Heather Fabry Kelsey Koebel Phil Dowhy Tesla Update Main Strategies: A high-end, high-performance sports car
Compete with high-end brands
Produce massive amounts of low-cost vehicles Kelly Bruderick Does Tesla
have a Sustainable
Advantage? Tesla's strengths do not give them a Sustainable
Competitive Advantage because they have not proved
their ability to earn consecutive above average returns Expertise from Silicon Valley leads to
ability to offer fully electric vehicle that is
also high performance
Ownership of Sales and Service Network Strengths: Strategic
for Tesla Implement a
Financing Program Competitors have established
financing programs
Kelly Blue Book: 66% of car-buyers
plan to use financing
Opportunity to create additional profits
We recommend that Tesla
partners with Ally Financial, Inc. Strengthen Tesla's
Brand Recognition Ensure word-of-mouth is
effective by giving consumers
a positive view of Tesla to relay
Make consumers aware of the
differentiation Tesla offers
Increase sales of Model S We recommend that Tesla
invests in television advertising. How
will this
pay off? Major Problems for Tesla Convincing the public to accept a purely electric vehicle
Overcoming low demand due to the economy
Potential problems with battery technology Fallout Fallout

Less commercials viewed because of DVR
May not take effect immediately because
must keep up with competition
Ally Financial may say no because
of Tesla's riskiness
Challenge of determining what benefits Ally
will receive
Interest rates
Making dealer mark-up illegal
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