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Oil and Gas

No description

Casey Caruso

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Oil and Gas

Largest Oil & Gas Customers
British Petroleum
165 active accounts
120 active accounts
Exxon Mobil
102 active accounts
Saudi Arabian Oil Company
125 active accounts
Total S.A.
112 active accounts
Why Does OSIsoft Sell in Oil & Gas?
Low cost to extract
Relatively high reserves
Established infrastructure
Oil & Gas contribute to
63.4% world's energy
produced as of 2010

Oil and Gas
Antoine Briard, Casey Caruso, David Ivan, Wantong Liu & Aditya Mulay
Why Oil & Gas Companies Use OSIsoft Products?

To maximize asset performance

To optimize production

To centralize knowledge and experience

To uphold safety

and environmental compliance
Asset Performance with PI
Condition-Based Monitoring
Proactively plan for future repairs

Compression Analysis

Properly represent assets through data

Production Management with PI
Production Analytics
Evaluate distribution, supply, and demand

Well Surveillance
Access effectiveness through operational data

Safety & Environmental Compliance with PI
Emissions Calculations

Carbon computation and efficiency

Incident Investigation
Reduce probability of future accidents

Centralize Knowledge & Experience with PI
Performance KPI

Share information from production through transmission and operations

Knowledge Management
Provide real-time view of production, transportation & refining activities
Thank You
Lauren Bortka
Dragutin Dufek
Mike Dupuis
Katie Garner
Craig Harclerode
Greg Sorin
Hans Otto Weinhold
Paul Kaiser
Ales Soudek

YOY Growth 9.8%
Oil & Gas accounts for
of total sales
Tools for Research
•With the PI System,
historical data
real-time data
are available

: with analytics, Oil & Gas companies are able to build
and confront the reality with what they had foreseen

•Main Purpose: to have
predictive tools

•Challenge: to reach more than
25% of extraction rate
in existing deposits

Products Used by Oil & Gas Customers

PI ProcessBook
Process Analysis and Troubleshooting
Real time and Historical Event Review

View Plant floor data on desktop
Monitor pressure and flow trends at key locations.
Beneficial during cold weather operations, and for accessing a historical view of operating parameters anywhere in the system.

PI Datalink
Microsoft Excel Add-in
Process Reporting
Detailed Engineering Analysis
Ad-Hoc Analysis

Products Used by Oil & Gas Customers
Incorporate pressure and flow information into spreadsheet applications such as pressure or flow profiles for transient analysis
PI Coresight
Fast, secure and easy to use
Web-based product to visualize
Analyze PI System data from web-enabled devices
Best of both worlds - PI Processbook and PI Webparts
Found in 1980 as a joint venture between Pat & Richard Sara

An Advanced Control company

Provided consulting services in the automation of process control
Oil System Inc.
1983 Course Change
Hawaiian Independent Refinery Inc

Data Historian path

iPat -> PI System
How Has Oil & Gas Become a Main Focus of OSIsoft?
Access and analyze all asset data in PI System via Coresight on iPad through web
Products Used by Oil & Gas Customers
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