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The "New" Scramble for Africa

AIDS/HIV, Conflict/Strife/Human Rights, Economic Development/Social Development

Ruth Bohlin

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The "New" Scramble for Africa

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
Causes of AIDS / HIV
-during unprotected sex
-blood transfusions
-sharing needles
-from mother to child
Poverty in africa
is the main contributor of hunger and disease.
184 million people, 33% of the African population, suffer from malnutrition.
poverty and
One of the main causes of poverty is war. War destroys farms, food, and busnisses which in turn can mess up the whole economic growth of africa.
if physical borders were set than violence among conflicted tribes would lessen
Environmental Issues
& Social Development
there are many ways to prevent aids in africa, have a better police system to stop the rape of innocent femails and have classes about aids and teach how it is transmitted and how to lessen your risk of getting aids
Africa suffers from many environmental problems including deforestation, desertification. These processes paired with long periods of drought has led to extreme famine which in turn has caused extreme poverty.
-lack of education
The cause of Economic & Social development in Africa is due to the effort to increase Economic & Social growth.
another way to prevent deforestation would be to set up laws limiting the amount of trees that can be harvested.
-new factories
-urbanization of cities
-new schools
-better education
in schools
-tribal conflicts
-poverty leads to violence through stress and tension
-disputes over boundaries
-using drought and famine as weapons of war
Examples of Economic & Social Development
Economic & Social Development's Impact on the U.S. & Other Countries
New" Scramble for Africa"
"Every present-day conflict in Africa has historical roots in European Presence."
After the
rush for
control over Africa
and her riches
starting with colonization of Africa territories in the 15th century to the Berlin Conferences
in 1884,
Europe powerhouses fed off Africa's wealth to build their
industrialized, urban centers...to fuel their factories, wars and economies.

Europeans began to withdraw from their territories after WWII
, friction between tribes, the rich and impoverished started to spark civil wars...
The overuse and mass extraction of Africa's resources
left the land scarred and in some cases beyond repair. Mining (gold, diamonds, minerals) drilling (oil) and chopping (rubber, peanut)
contributed to the massive desertification
taking place in Western and Eastern Africa
and deforestation
of Central and Southern Africa.
This in turn leads to drought...famine and widespread hunger and poverty.
Poverty, corrupt governments and further exploitation from other nations (businesses & government) cause more war and even more severe poverty
. Such a desperate level of poverty, lack of resources and education has
led to pandemics
...the widespread and deadly introduction of diseases like malaria, cholera and
With AIDS claiming thousands of lives each day in Africa, this continent finds itself in a deadly cycle. Disease, caused by poverty, poverty caused by famine and war.
War & Civil
-Lack of Education
-Corrupt Govt.
-Tribal Rivalry
-Corrupt Govt.
-Exploitation of Natural Resources
-Lack of education
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