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French and Indian War

The Struggle for Ohio

Herb Higginbotham

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of French and Indian War

The French and the British come to Ohio La Salle -- French Exlporer La Salle comes to Ohio La Salle was a Frenchman in New France, which is present-day Montreal. He ran a trading post, or a place where everyone came to trade goods.

The Native Americans who came to the post told La Salle of a great river in the south. In 1669, La Salle traveled from Montreal to the Ohio River. He called it "Le Belle Riviere", which means "beautiful river". The BIG Idea When cultures interact, there are different effects that can be positive and negative.

The tragic story of the Native Americans in Ohio is seen throughout the rest of the United States as states begin to break treaties in order to take land.
And then there were the Brits... Great Britain also held land in North America. They came to present day Virginia. While Roanoke was the first colony, the people there disappeared unexpectedly. So in 1607, a new colony called Jamestown was founded. Soon, 13 colonies were established. Most of the colonists stayed near the East Coast of New England, but some started going across the Appalachian Mountians to be apart of the fur trade and farm. Could this cute fury animal be the reason for war? The Brits heard that the French were saying "no way, messur", but that didn't stop them. When the British first claimed America, the king had claimed the land from "sea to sea". Therefore, Ohio Country belonged to the British Empire. How convenient! Guess who was stuck in the middle?
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