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Geography Portfolio

No description

Harcharn Cheema

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Geography Portfolio

Table of Contents
Slides 5/6: Goal 1- Achieving higher than 80% on the final exam.

Slides 7/8: Goal 2- Applying my knowledge to whenever I am traveling around Canada or anywhere around the world

Slide 9: Study/Exam Schedule

Slides 10-12: Note-taking Samples- Examples

Slides 13/14: Note-taking Samples- Reflection a)

Slides 15/16: Note-taking Samples- Reflection b)

Slide 17: Exam Study Packet
Smart Goals
Smart- Making a detailed goal including, who is involved? what do you want to accomplish? where will this take place? when do you want to complete this goal? which challenges might get in your way and why do you want to accomplish this?

Measurable- How will you know you achieved this goal?

Attainable- Do you have the attitude, the abilities, skills, etc to be able to achieve this goal?

Realistic- Is this goal actually something that someone can attain? Are you willing to be able to work towards this goal?

Timely- Break your goal into smaller steps and create timelines outlining when each step will be completed.

Study/Exam Schedule
Note-taking Samples
Exam Study Packet
There are many different types of study strategies, but these are my top 3:
Geography Portfolio
Harcharn Cheema, 533554

Teacher Qustions
The exam time was a tuff time and everyone had many questions. I had many quetions regarding the exam itself.
Personal Well Being
There are many different stress relieving strategies, although these are my top 4:
Goal 1: Achieving higher
than 80% on the final exam.
- I want to achieve a mark of higher than 80% on my final exam this semester at school. I will avoid any challenges that get in my way such as, not studying for the exams or procrastinating.

- I will know I achieved this goal when I get my exam back and I scored higher than a 80%.

- I know I have the ability and attitude to score this mark because I study and try my hardest.

- This goal is realistic and is not impossible. I know this because I have seen people score marks higher than 80% on their final exams in the past. I am willing to take the responsibility of studying every night and trying my hardest without procrastinating.

- I will start studying and reviewing my notes everyday, my exam will be on the 26th.
Goal 2: Applying my knowledge to whenever I am traveling around Canada or anywhere around the world
- I want to be able to apply my knowledge in geography to whenever I am traveling around Canada or anywhere around the world in the future. I will try my best avoid all the challenges such as forgetting what I learned and not being able to apply it in the future.

- I will know I achieved this goal when I go traveling and not have any difficulties getting around.

- I have the attitude and abilities to be able to achieve this goal because I will be travelling throughout my whole life, so I will be getting practice all the time and I will not forget anything I learned this semester in geography.

- This goal is possible because I know people who have accomplished this before in their lives and I know people whose jobs it is to apply this knowledge in their everyday life; tourist guides and geography teachers. I am willing to work towards this goal by not ever forgetting my goal and always applying it to my everyday life.

- I will learn as much as possible throughout this semester in my geography class and I will apply it throughout my whole life.
Reflection a)
Note taking is one of the most important skills to master in school for many reasons. The first reason being that if you have a unit test coming up and you didn’t quite understand it’s content during the lesson. At this point notes would be really helpful, they would be even more helpful if you take effective notes that you understand. These notes can also help you throughout your life; during the future years of high school, you could look back at these notes and reflect upon them. Everyone is different and everyone has there own ways on taking effective notes that they understand. I also have 3 different ways of taking notes which are effective to me. One way of taking effective notes for me is that I like to first read over the text and then just summarize it into my own words, so I would be able to easily understand everything. Another way of taking effective notes is to shorten the word so that you would be able to write down all the notes before your teacher moves on to the next topic; for example instead of using the word “with”, write down “w/”. Doing this would be much quicker and and effective, but you have to always make sure that you understand whatever you have written down. The last way of taking down notes that is effective to me is, to use headings. Heading are very important and useful for me to learn. I am a person who needs to stay organized, otherwise I become very stressed and very confused. I need to have a heading on top of any new topic and that heading needs to be underlined and larger than the rest of the text. These note taking skills has really helped me throughout this whole semester. Whenever I had any test or quiz coming up, I would just look through all my notes and look for the specific headings that I need to study for. These notes were also helpful while studying because they weren’t very long, but it they included everything that I needed to study for. This helped me because I thought that I didn’t have too much to study for so I didn’t get overwhelmed, but I had studied everything that I actually needed to.
Reflection b)
There are many different ways of taking down notes, but by far handwritten notes are the most effective. Handwritten notes are more effective than taking a picture or just typing it up in your computer. Hand written notes have many more pros to it than other ways of writing down notes. One of the pros of handwritten notes is that you are getting practice for your exams or tests. During your exams or tests, you would be writing using your hands, so if you get practice now, it will be helpful during the exam or test. Another pro is that when you are taking down handwritten notes, you are more engaged during the lesson and you are more enthusiastic during the lesson. The last pro of handwritten notes is that when you are taking down handwritten notes, you are putting more effort and concentration rather than typing, so you would be understanding everything and asking questions when you don’t understand something. Typing is simpler and does not take as much effort to do, so you are not as connected when you are taking down the notes.
Learning Strategy #1
Learning Strategy #2
Learning Strategy #3
Stress Relieving Activities
Stress Management Activity
With Class
Reflection a.
The exam times were definitely very stressful. I behaved very different than usual because of some symptoms when I was leading up to the exams. One of the symptoms was that I sometimes looked and felt very depressed. I was depressed because I felt like I had way too much work, but very little time. Another symptom was I was very tired all the time so during classes, I was very lazy and didn’t feel like learning anything. I chose all these stress relieving strategies for some specific reasons. I had chosen peer sharing because whenever I share my feeling especially with my family, my family is very supportive and always motivate me and make me feel better. I had chosen making an organizer or a planner because I am a person who likes to be very organized. If I am not organized I feel very stressed and confused. These strategies were definitely very helpful and really helped me manage my stress during the exam period of time. These strategies made me much more calm and focused.
Reflection b.
Our lives are full of different tensions and stresses. If we don’t learn how to relieve or manage our stress now, we would have many difficulties in the future. Stress can lead to many problems in the future such as depression, headaches and frequent colds and infections. Now that I have completed my first semester of high school, I feel much more confident about the next semester for many reasons. One of the reasons is that I now know about all the mistakes I have made in the first semester and know now how to fix those mistake in the second semester. Another reason to why I feel more confident is because I now got the hang of everything; schedules, time management, getting around the hallways, etc. In the first semester, it was my first ever semester in high school, so it took some time to understand everything and get used to everything. I will definitely continue to do the peer sharing stress management technique throughout my whole life. I feel that this technique is the most helpful and useful to me.
Importance of This Goal Towards Me
I want to accomplish this because I want to have a high average so I could receive a honour role next year and make myself and my family proud. I also want to accomplish this goal this year because if I do, I will be increasing my average from my last year, which means improvement. If I improve this year, I will possibly also improve next year if I keep my high demands of getting a high average.
Importance of This Goal Towards Me
I want to accomplish this goal because I really like travelling, so whenever I travel in the future, I will never have any sort of difficulties getting around the places. I also want to accomplish this because of the future career I am heading towards. In the future I would like to work in a trucking company. In a trucking company you need to know your way around the streets and places because if an emergency comes up you might have to take a load somewhere in a truck.
Neat & Organized Headings
Open and Spaced-Out Notes
1. Making a quiz for myself
2. Having someone test or quiz me
3. Making a rhythm out of my notes
1. Deep Breathing
2. Making an Organizer or Planner
3. Doing Yoga
4. Peer Sharing
What is the main thing, that we have to study for the exams?
What type of questions will be on the exam?
Table of Contents
Slides 18-20: Learning Stategy #1 (Kinesthetic)

Slides 21-23: Learning Strategy #2 (Intrapersoal)

Slides 24-26: Learning Strategy #3 (Auditory)

Slides 27/28: Self-Advocacy Teacher Questions

Slide 29: Personal Well Being

Slides 30/31: Stress Relieving Activities

Slide 32/33: Stress Relieving Activity (Peer Sharing in class)

Slides 34/35: Stress Relieving Activity (Reflection a.)

Slides 36/37: Stress Relieving Activity (Reflection b.)
The End!
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