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Women in Greece

No description

Ashlin Murray

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Women in Greece

Women in Greece
Women in most regions of Ancient Greece were mistreated and considered inferior to men. Greek women recieved little to no education.
Women were married of at the young age of 14.
Dowry is the process where the groom gives the bride and her family a gift in exchange for the bride. Dowry is usually animals or money.
A Greek Wife
A greek wifes main goal was to make the husband happy.
Women's Jobs
Women's job was to run the home and bear the children. A wife had to produce a male heir for the husband.
Male Heirs
If the wife did not produce a male heir and the husband or father passed away the wealth was passed to the closest male relative of him. Women could own property but they could not buy or sell anything.
Women's Punishments
Murdering a woman was legal if she was caught having an affair or she was rude or disobediant to a man. It was also legal in this case for men to rape the woman and this often happened.
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