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Describe the amazing way in which fig trees are pollinated


stephanie sarles

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Describe the amazing way in which fig trees are pollinated

Fig Tree Pollination Fig trees have flowers, that are conpletely conealed withing the 'fig.' Tiny wasps pollinate the trees, and in turn, can breed only in the flower Specific Fig Tree species can be pollinated, usually, by only specific wasps These tiny wasps, only live a few days. Their purpose in their short life is to pollinate the fig trees Female fig tree wasps detect the tree's 'volatile' (the scent that lets the wasps know the tree needs to be pollinated) Now, the female fig tree wasp must find the fig's ostiole, a small hole, in order to get to the center of the flower. She must squeeze her tiny body into this, even tinier, hole. Once the new wasps are born, the wingless males mate with the femals, before helping them chew their way out. These are te only two tasks for the male wasps The last step, is that the females load up on pollen, in search of young receptors, completing the cycle. Stephanie Sarles
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