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Life of Grace Chapter Five

The Holy Prophet Moses

John Laney

on 1 December 2011

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Transcript of Life of Grace Chapter Five

Chapter Five:
The Holy Prophet Moses Moses Returns to Egypt Review From the call of Moses to the break up of the Promised Land, Yahweh was with His people. How did the Israelites end up in Egypt? Reading Read the following stories from the Bible:
1. Ex 2:1-10
2. Ex 2:11-25
3. Ex 3:1-22 Reading
Read the text on p 35. So how did God provide for Moses? How does God provide for you? God answered the Israelites' prayers. He would free them from slavery, and He would use Moses to do it. One day when Moses is shepherding sheep, God appears to him in a burning bush. God tells Moses to go and free His people. God's Name It's at this moment that God reveals His name to Moses. God's name is "Yahweh" which means "I Am." More About Yahweh God's name tells us a lot about Himself:
1. It tells us He is the source of everything.
2. It tells us He has the power to do all things.
3. It tells us He is eternal: He has no
beginning or ending. Handout: The Holy Prophet Moses Yahweh asked Moses to carry out a huge mission! What do you think Moses was worried about as he prepared to return to Egypt? What might have been some of his hopes and fears? Moses went to Egypt along with his brother Aaron. He told the Pharaoh, "God says, 'Let My people go!'" But Pharaoh wouldn't listen! So Yahweh sent 10 Plagues to show the Egyptians that He is the one, true God and that no one else deserves worship! The Ten Plagues Don't Forget! Yahweh wasn't trying to be mean to the Egyptians! But they enslaved the Israelites, and wouldn't let them go! Plus, they worshipped lots of false gods! Ra The god of the sun. Nut The god of the sky. Osiris The god of the dead. Bastet The god of cats. By using plagues, Yahweh was going to show the Egyptians that He had absolute power over their "gods." First Plague Yahweh: 1
Egyptian gods: 0 The Nile turns into blood. Hapi was the god of the Nile. Yahweh: 2
Egyptian gods: 0 Second Plague Frogs everywhere. Heket was the god of fertility
and she looked like a frog. ribbit, ribbit Yahweh: 3
Egyptian gods: 0 Third Plague Gnats from the dust of the earth. Geb was the god of the earth. Yahweh: 4
Egyptian gods: 0 Fourth Plague

Swarms of flies. Khepri, the god of creation, had the head of a bug! Fifth Plague Sixth Plague Seventh Plague Death of livestock. Yahweh: 5
Egyptian gods: 0 Hathor the cow-headed god of love and protection. Sores & Boils Isis the god of medicine. Yahweh: 6
Egyptian gods: 0

Hailstorms. Nut the sky god. Yahweh: 7
Egyptian gods: 0 Eighth Plague Locusts. Seth, the god of chaos & disorder. Yahweh: 8
Egyptian gods: 0 Ninth Plague Darkness. Ra the sun god. Yahweh: 9
Egyptian gods: 0 Yahweh: 10
Egyptian gods: 0 Tenth Plague Death of the
firstborn. Pharaoh was thought to be god in the flesh. Handout:
The Plagues PWNED Yahweh
Supreme! You got
that right! God Calls Moses The Passover
of the Lord Before Yahweh sent the tenth plague, He told the Israelites to hold a special religious meal. The Passover Meal 1. Every family had to eat a lamb with bitter herbs.
2. They also had to put the lamb's blood on their doorposts.
3. When the angel of
death that carried the
last plague over Egypt
saw the blood, he would
"pass over" the Israelites. The Israelite, or Jewish people,
still celebrate Passover today. Passover prefigures Jesus' saving death and the sacrifice of the Mass. How so?! Passover & Mass Comparisons 1. God commanded the Israelites and us to gather.
2. The Israelites sacrificed a lamb, and we offer Jesus, the "Lamb of God."
3. The Israelites eat the lamb, and we eat the Body & Blood of Jesus.
4. The Israelites sprinkled blood on their doors to save them from death, and Jesus' blood is sacramentally shed to save us from eternal death.
5. The Passover sacrifice prepared the Israelites to be freed from slavery, and Jesus' sacrifice frees us from slavery to sin. The Paschal Mystery Because Jesus' suffering, death, and resurrection is so similar to the Passover story, we call these things the Paschal Mystery ("paschal" means "Passover"). The Exodus Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go. Their journey out of Egypt is called the "exodus." But Pharaoh changed his mind and chased them! We all know what happened next: Yahweh parts the Red Sea! When Pharaoh's army tries to go through, the sea closes back up! While journeying to the Promised Land, the Israelites became hungry, so God fed them bread from heaven every single day! What could this possibly prefigure? The Ten Commandments God gives Moses the Ten Commandments, or the Law. But some of the Israelites turn away from God and commit the sin of idolatry: they make a golden calf! Moo! I am your god! Those who committed idolatry are punished, and the rest of the Israelites ask for forgiveness. God renews His covenant with the Israelites. By following the Ten Commandments, the Israelites show their loyalty to God. The commandments are put in a special container called the Ark of the Covenant. God Commands
Sacrifices 1. God commanded the people to offer sacrifices. To "sacrifice" is to offer to God something precious to us.
2. The Israelites offered up consecrated animals on an altar. Sacrificial worship became an important part of the Israelites' religion. The Altar
of Sacrifice The Promised Land After journeying for 40 years, the Israelites enter the Promised Land. But Moses isn't allowed in because he sinned against God. Read Numbers 20: 2-17 The Covenant at
Mt. Sinai Handout Joshua & the Judges Joshua was Moses' successor. He led the people into the Promised Land. After him, military leaders called "Judges" ruled the people. The Rule
of the Kings After the Judges, the Israelites wanted to be ruled by a king. God sent Samuel the prophet to anoint Saul as the king of Israel. Sadly, Saul was a bad king. After him, David became the king. He was a great king, and he wrote the Psalms (prayers & hymns). King David also made Jerusalem the capital of the nation of Israel. God promised King David that one of his descendants would reign forever. Jesus fulfills that promise! King David had a wise son named Solomon who became king. After Solomon, the Promised Land split into two nations: Israel in the north, and Judah in the south. Judah remained faithful to God. Jesus would come from these people. The Promised Land
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