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Geert Hofstede - the cultural dimensions theory

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Smaranda Craciun

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Geert Hofstede - the cultural dimensions theory

Potential opportunities and threats encountered in negotiations between different cultures
Geert Hofstede - the cultural dimensions theory
Romania - Holland - Mexico - South Africa
Hofstede's Dimensions of Culture
Comparing countries considering the following:
1. Power distance
2. Individualism/Collectivism
3. Masculinity/Femininity
4. Uncertainty avoidance
5. Long/short term orientation
Romania - China - France
Romania - Germany - U.K.
Romania - Italy - Japan - Sweden
Questions for you:
1. Which country has the highest score on long-term orientation?
2. Who is famous for its welfare system?
3. Which country, beside Romania, does not have a score on long term orientation?
4. How are Germany and U.K. in terms of Gender dimension?
5. In your opinion, with which country could Romania would obtain the highest rate of success in negotiations?

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