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Chile's Coup d'état

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on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Chile's Coup d'état

Chile's Coup d'état
Background Facts
Main Issue
Chilean youth adopted a Leftist view and began to protest the government with labor unions, both leaning towards the Communist Party in Chile.
President Nixon told his advisers, namely Henry Kissinger, that he wanted Allende out of power.

The only way for Allende to be overthrown was by the Chilean military rising up against him.
Kissinger sent a cable to the CIA office in Chile saying that agents were to continue instigating a military coup.
the CIA wasn’t truly necessary in Chile after three years, the Chilean people were standing against the president.
Allende won elections and he was going for a communism government

Allende had promised a republic to the people of Chile and said he would provide reforms that would make the working class more equal.

The New President
Chile was known for its stability in Latin America compared to its neighbors until the 1960s.

Cold War begin to affect Chile and they became a part of the Alliance for Progress. The alliance was meant as a way to keep socialistic revolutions from taking hold in Latin America, but was scorned by conservatives in many of the countries that signed it, including Chile.
In 1960’s, Eduardo Frei served as president of Chile and he sought to pass radical reforms

The more industrialized Chile became, the more Labor Unions asked for higher wages.

The Labor Unions weren't satisfied with the wages, leading to higher prices and more inflation.
Cold War
Conflict between the communist nations led by the Soviet Union and the democratic nations led by the United States.
It is fought by propaganda, and a series of continuous political, economic, military, technological, and nuclear arms race competition.
Some of the major conflicts were Korean War 1950-1953, Cuban missile crisis (13 days in 1962), the Vietnam War (1955-75) and the Chilean coup d'´état.

Chilean coup d'état
Allende nationalized the copper industry and other industries.

He acquired control of the main companies owned by foreign in the copper mining industry.

Isolated Chile from the world economy, worsening the state of political polarization
Allende froze prices and rise wages to try to stop inflation, which only raised inflation.
By 1973, the Chilean Congress and Judiciary stood against Allende.(2008, Smitha, F.)
They claimed that his government went against the Chilean constitution
The military stormed his palace and Allende died while armed.
“Henry Kissinger, US Involved in 1970 Chilean Plot.” Global Policy Forum. September 9, 2001. Global Policy Forum. 3 Jun 2008 , http://www.globalpolicy.org/intljustice/general/2001/0909cbskiss.htm>.

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“The Memory of the Bloody Military Overthrow in Chile — September 11th, 1973.” The Memory of the Bloody Military Overthrow in Chile . September 10th, 2003. 3 Jun 2008 , http://www.neue-einheit.com/english/is/is2003/is2003-43e.htm>.
USA Perspective

What president Nixon could have done
USA didn't want communism to enter Latin America, the fact that this president won was a big threat to his attempt of maintaining communism contained

Sent CIA to organize a coup d'état
Start a war against Chile
Kill president Allende
Make all the possible countries to end diplomatic relations with Chile
Send a war Ultimatum
Let Chile decide as a nation and let things happen
USA was worried of letting communism into America
On top of his reforms, the CIA was running propaganda against Allende
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