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Sunrun / LGCY Power


Michael Storer

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Sunrun / LGCY Power

Who is Sunrun/LGCY Power?

How do you buy your power?
How does power get to your home?
How does this effect you?

How have people gone solar?
How is Sunrun different?
How does this befit you?

Is your home a good candidate for solar?
Verify home ownership - trust info
Side Audit
Company Overview
Sunrun is the country's largest residential solar company with over 80,000 customers.
Current Utility
How do you buy your power?
1. Is your home a good candidate for solar?
Creating a planet run by the sun
Sunrun installs over 2.5 million worth of solar
equipment every single day.
Sunrun has been installing solar since 1977
As a solar service company, Sunrun has partnered with LGCY Power to handle their direct sales/consultations.
How does power get to your home?
How does this effect you?
PG&E raises their rates faster than any other utility in the country.
PGE charges use a

The more energy you buy the
more expensive
it becomes.
PG&E can produce power between 4 and 10 cents per kWh.
So why are they so expensive?
PG&E first began installing power lines in 1905.

Much of their infrastructure is still over 100 years old.
PG&E uses mostly nonrenewable power resources:
27% Natural Gas
21% Nuclear
21% Coal
19% Solar/Wind
11% Hydro
It's becoming more expensive to maintain and repair a 100+ year old infrastructure.
Fined 1.6 Billion Dollars in April 2015 for San Bruno explosion
Solar Power
How have people gone solar in the past?
How does this benefit you?
How is Sunrun different?
Cash Purchase of Solar System
Large up front Investment
Long ROI (Return on Investment)
Ability to put down $30 - $60k
No monitoring, insurance
warranty, or maintenance of system
Finance of Solar System
Little or nothing down
Interest paid on loan
Long ROI after load interest
Lien on property
Leverage of homeowner credit
No monitoring, insurance
warranty, maintenance of system
Lease of Solar System
Financially responsible for system
Lien on property
Leverage of homeowner credit
Little or no long term savings
Sunrun operates as a power company.
Just like you didn't buy the power plant or the lines you're currently using to get power to your house, you don't buy the solar system.
Sunrun fronts the cost of the system for you, paying for everything from the design work to the installation.
You simply agree to buy our power,
but at a much lower rate than your
current utility.
Pay less for the energy you already use
Protect yourself from PG&E rate increases
Predicable energy prices for the next 20 years
Be more lenient with your energy usage
Switch to GREEN energy
Raise your home value
Your current average month bill is $___ per month

Your monthly solar bill would be $___ per month

The solar system will cover ___% of the energy you currently use.

You will still buy ___ kWh per year with PG&E (NEM)
4. Site Audit
5. Install
3. Agreement
How's your attic condition?
Rafter spacing?
Batten spacing?
Termite damage?

How's your electrical system?
Can your electrical panel
handle solar power?

How's your roof condition?
Shading on the roof?
Roof protrusions?
Roof angle and azimuth?

Are you the homeowner?

Who else is listed on the title?

We verify home ownership with a credit check.

Is your home in a revocable trust?

If so, we'll need the first five pages of the trust.

Nothing hidden

Full honesty/expectations up front

Agreement does not commit you to anything today

Shows intent to move forward to installation
Site Audits are scheduled in two hour windows.

Your attention is only needed for approx. 30 minutes
while we evaluate your attic and electrical system.

The site evaluator will then spend the remaining time on your roof taking precise measurements.
Once your home is approved for solar energy we acquire permits through your city/county.

After permits are acquired a Sunrun representative will call to schedule a time to complete your solar installation.

Finally, inspections are completed and PG&E grants us permission to interconnect the system to the grid.
You begin enjoying the benefits solar has to offer!
Next Steps
2. Verifying home ownership
What if the panels don't produce enough power?
What if the neighborhood kids
smash a panel with a baseball?
What if the panels stop working?
If our system breaks or needs repairs, we'll fix it. That means you don't have to worry what's under warranty, or not. All you need to know is the cost is on us, no questions asked.
We'll tell you. That's because we proactively monitor the system to make sure it's performing at its best, meaning you don't have to waste energy tracking it yourself.
We make selling your Sunrun home easy
Our Service Transfer Team has extensive experience educating realtors, escrow officers, and buyers about Sunrun and the benefits of solar. The team has transferred thousands of solar agreements!

If you move, the system stays with the home and the new owner pays the same low rate for solar electricity.
Refer a friend, family member or co-worker
and get a $350 Prepaid Visa Cash Card!
Offer valid now and for 30 days after your installation.
Offer subject to change each quarter.
Offer reflects second quarter (April - June).
Paid once you and your referral are interconnected.
Sunrun has an A+ BBB rating and an "A" with Angie's List.
Next Steps
Current Utility
Company Overview
What if?
What happens if I move?
What if the panels are in need
of maintenance and repairs?
Sunrun takes care of everything.
They get up on the roof, lift the heavy equipment,
and deal with all the paperwork and scheduling.
Oh yeah, They pay for it too.
When the system is designed, Sunrun will make sure it fits your household electricity needs to a tee, helping maximize your electricity savings over time. If the system produces less than predicted, we'll cover the difference.
Only home owners may add solar to a home.
We go over the full agreement
Schedule and complete your site audit
Approval and Installation
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