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Monday, Nov 14th Resolving Conflict Day

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Monday, Nov 14th Resolving Conflict Day

#1 - Conflict is Normal
Real life solutions to real life conflict
Please identify, as best you can, your most predominant human need(s). This will require hard, honest reflection and perhaps more than a few minutes.
Conflict = what happens
when a need is not being met.
William Glasser, Ph.D 'Control Thoery: A New Explanation of How We Control Our Lives'
It is crucial when in conflict that we discover and
write down what
need of ours is not being met. This will allow us to adopt behavior that will help end the conflict but also satisfy our deeper need as a human being.
Please split up into groups of 4.
Please turn your chairs so that you're
facing one another.
Please look up at me silently when
Please collaborate with your group
as you complete this handout to
help guide you in recognizing your
and others' basic needs.
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