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Gratitude Journal

No description

katelyn haney

on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal
February 4th
I am grateful the Philadelphia Eagles are super bowl champs
February 7th
I am grateful for my sister who has become a great mom because she takes good care of my niece
February 1st
Today I am grateful that is it February 1st because that is closer to summer.
February 2nd
I am grateful that I got to go home today to see my family because I have not seen them in a few weeks.
February 5th
I am still grateful the eagles won the super bowl because that makes everyone happy
February 6th
I am grateful today is Tuesday and that the eagles are still champs because again that makes everyone happier
February 3rd
I am grateful for my niece who is 9 months today because she brings me so much happiness
February 8th
I am grateful I got to experience an Eagles parade because it was awesome
February 9th
I am grateful that it is Friday because no school for two days
February 10th
I am grateful I went to Atlantic City with all my friends because i have not seen them in a while
February 11th
Today I am thankful for my best friend who is always there for me
February 12th
I am thankful I got a new puppy because I miss my old one that pasted
February 13th
I am thankful that I am going to school still because some days it is really hard
February 14th
I am thankful for my mother because she is always there for me
February 15th
Today I am thankful I studied all morning because i did well on my test
February 16th
I am thankful I got to spend time with my dad today because his new job keeps him busy
February 17th
Today I am thankful for my art teacher for extending the quiz date because I will have more time to study
February 18th
I am thankful today is Sunday because I can relax all day
February 20th
I am thankful my whole family got together for my dads birthday today because we all had a good time
February 21st
Today I am grateful to have friends because life would be boring without them

February 22nd
I am grateful that I am able to work because others can not
February 23rd
I am grateful I am able to go on a spring break trip because some people never travel
February 24th
I am grateful for my family got to go out to dinner with my family again
February 25th
I am grateful for my bed because it is comfy
February 26th
I am grateful for hot showers because not everyone has hot water
February 27th
I am grateful for finding a dollar in my pocket because I am broke
February 28th
I am grateful for my friend Brittany because she is kind
March 1st
I am grateful I had pizza for dinner because its not favorite food
March 2nd
I am grateful for the weekend because no school work
March 3rd
I am grateful I got a good grade on my essay because I worked really hard on it
March 4th
I am grateful work because it keeps me focused
March 5th
I am grateful that its nice out because warm weather makes me happy
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