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Who is Riverbed and what do they do?

No description

Michael Bailey

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Who is Riverbed and what do they do?

Who is Riverbed and what do they do?
The Leader in
Application Performance

More than $1 billion in annual revenue

Founded in 2002 and they shipped their first SteelHead WAN Optimization appliance in 2004

Industry’s #1 WAN optimization solution, seven years running

Also accelerates delivery of SaaS and cloud-based applications

The acquisition of 8 companies let to the development of the
Riverbed Application Performance Platform
Introducing The
Riverbed Application Performance Platform

What does the Application Performance Platform consist of?
Name: Michael Bailey

Technical Pre-Sales Support at First Distribution for Riverbed

Been working with Riverbed Products since 2008

The platform comprises four integrated solutions:
These four solutions can be flexibly delivered as:



or Services
Riverbed Again Recognized As A “Leader” In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization– Seven Years Running

WAN Optimization
Branch Converged Infrastructure
Application Delivery
Detect and resolve issues
Introduction to Riverbed

Discuss the Riverbed Application Performance Platform

Value Proposition

Qualifying Opportunities

Value Proposition
Accelerate applications

Cutting server costs

Enabling cheaper, faster DR

Saving bandwidth

Virtual SteelHead

Qualifying opportunities
Are you looking to control or cut IT costs while maintaining services and performance over your WAN?

Are you looking to consolidate branch IT infrastructure?

Are you considering a bandwidth upgrade that you would like to avoid?

Are your branch users having difficulty accessing applications or collaborating?

Are your mobile workers complaining about application and email access?
Value Proposition
Consolidation and Centralization

Simplified Management

Disaster Recovery & Avoidance

Data Protection

Disconnected Operations

Control & Security
Qualifying Opportunities

Do you maintain servers/storage in branch offices?

How many locations/servers?

What applications? (Are they important…?)

How much data?

Practices and pain

How do you back up remote offices?

How do you recover?

What is the business impact during the recovery period?

What concerns do you have about the security of data at remote sites and branches?
Value Proposition
Harness the cost savings and flexibility of virtualization with Stingray Traffic Manager – a full featured virtual and software ADC with Layer-7 intelligence.

Exert greater control over and customize your web applications with Traffic Script

Deliver true web content optimization with Stingray Aptimizer for accelerated user experience across all devices and browsers.

Protect internet facing web applications and servers with Stingray Application Firewall -the only distributed Application Firewall on the market.

Get all of the above on a single integrated virtual appliance.

Qualifying Questions
Do you currently employ a strategy for virtualization? Have you virtualized your ADC?

Are you moving to cloud based infrastructure?

Do you have any projects planned in the areas of application acceleration / performance upgrade, security, optimization?

What would be the impact of improving the performance of your web apps?

Are you rolling out new applications?

Value Proposition
Provides enterprise-class end-user, application, and network performance management

Gives CIOs unparalleled visibility to deliver, control, and optimize all IT resources across the hybrid enterprise

RiOS 9.0 and AppResponse 9.5
The most complete visibility, control & optimization solution for any application across the Hybrid Enterprise
RiOS 9.0 and AppResponse 9.5
RiOS 9.0 & AppResponse 9.5
What is AppResponse?

Real-time application performance monitoring based on actual end-user experience

End-user experience monitoring

Application Visibility

Network Analysis

Transaction analysis
SteelCentral Components
Network Performance Management (NPM)

If the infrastructure fails, the applications fail too
Customers need to be one step ahead with real-time, actionable information
The new approach is network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD)

Application Performance Management (APM)
Visibility across the entire application delivery environment
Monitor application performance based on end-user experience, application transactions, infrastructure, and networks
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