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The Black Plague

No description

eric mark

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The Black Plague

Black Plague
Impact on Societies
75 to 200 million people died
It may have reduced world population from an estimated 450 million down to 350–375 million witch is 30-60% of Europe by the year 1400
It took 150 years for Europe's population to recover.
The plague created many economic,religious, and social issues.

These are a few thing that the people of the 14th century used as a treatment. These treatments sound ridiculous but back then there were no vaccines or medical research. The people were desperate to find anything they can to stop the plague:

Rub Your Wounds With a Live Chicken
Smear Your Insides With Human waste
Wash Yourself With Urine
Eat a Spoon of Crushed Emeralds
Let Leeches Suck You Dry
Live in a sewer
Rotten Treacle
Tumors covered the body

Purplish/Blackish splotches also covered the body

Buboes appear (boils filled with dead macrophages) near the groin and armpit areas to start.

Excruciating pain in groin and armpits.

gushing blood from the nose
The black plague was a disease, killing approximately 75 to 200 million deaths in 1348–50 CE
Thought to have originated from central Asia
Carried by rat flea's which were carried by rats, and they infected their victims by biting
Fun Facts
The Black Plague was also called the Black Death, Bubonic plague and ,the Yersinia pestis, The Great Mortality or the Big Death.

Middle East, Asia and northern Africa, also suffered heavy casualties.

People blamed Jews for the disease because a group of Jews were captured and tortured into admitting that they were behind the disease

The huge loss of life and availability of labor, led to series of riots and fights.
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Effect on body
Bad breath and odors indicate that the body is rotting

Destroys the immune system.

gushing blood from the nose

Blackening of the skin

Loosening of the muscles
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