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Health - Muscles

No description

Jesse Grywacheski

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Health - Muscles

Tendons Normal healthy tendons are composed mostly of parallel arrays of collagen fibers closely packed together. Your pectoral muscles are located in your chest The pecoral muscle has two different parts which are responsible for different actions Your quadricep muscles are located in your legs Their primary job is help the shoulders and arms move and lift Your tendons are located in between your bones Muscles Quadriceps Pectoral but
doing tendons pectoral and quadriceps When flexed the quads extend the leg at the knee joint for kicking, standing up or jumping Swimming Laps The Quadriceps is the largest muscle in the body The dry mass of normal tendons makes up about 30% of the total mass of tendons Exercises Bike Riding Exercises Running Lunges Exercises Cat Camel Stability ball push-up This Presentation was by Jesse Grywacheski and Brittany Hayden. We hoped you liked it!! Personal Trainer Chelsey Brundige Your quadricep muscles are your thigh muscles. Exercices that work these muscles would be squats, lunges or seated leg extentions. Your pectoral muscles are your chest muscles. Exercices that work these muscles would be push-ups, chest press or chest flies. You can not specifically exercise your tendons. Your tendons are what attaches your muscles to your bones. These are supporting structures and will be strengthened with any strengthening exercise for the muscle that you are working on. What Chelsey says.... Tips... - If you are wanting to burn fat, it is more affective to do your cardiovascular after your strengthening exercises. This is because during your strengthening exercises you can burn all your readily available sugars in your blood, and you can burn more fat by doing your cardio exercises. - It is equally effective for your heart to do 30 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) as it is to do an hour and a half slog jog. HITT means working for 1 minute pretty much as hard as you can, then the following minute bringing your heart rate back down. You would repeat this for 15 minutes strait. We need a voulenteer please. Voulenteer Please this stretches your tendons in you legs this is to stretch your quadriceps and tendons In the quadricep there is four muscles
I know this because a quad has for
wheels so that is my connection to the
quadriceps. - Brittany here is how to do lunges these are the best ways to work out your pecs.
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