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jhanvi shah

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of HAMBURG , GERMANY

HAMBURG Interesting facts about Hamburg!! Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city after Berlin. Its area is seven times than Paris and twice bigger than London. In 2011, Hamburg has been chosen as Europe’s Green Capital, an award recognizing the city as the most environmentally friendly city in Europe. The 2010 winner was Stockholm. Many believe that Venice is the city with the most numbers of bridges, but Hamburg is actually the leader with more than 2300 bridges."

"Hamburg offers more than 40 theatres, 60 museums and 100 music venues and clubs. Miniature Wonderland is the world’s largest model railway museum with railway length more 12 km. The Lion King musical show in Hamburg has been played since 2001, with performing schedule averagely 8 performances each week, it is one of the best-selling musical show in Germany (and they have their own theater building!)" Landforms, river systems, climate and agriculture Hamburg does not have that many landforms and more river systems but some of them are the Zugspitze mountain which is 9 721ft tall and one of the biggest mountains in all of Hamburg. Another landform would be the Bavarian Alps which is the highest mountains in all of Germany is located Hamburg. Hamburg is a fairly wet and windy city, prevailing westerly winds blowing in moist air from the North Sea. Summers are warm but rainy, with occasional brief dry, sunny spells. Winters are cold, sometimes chilling to 28ºF (-2ºC) or below in January, the coldest month Hamburg has so many rivers systems such as “ river Elbe” which is the third largest port in Europe And also the Huron river.In 2008 Hamburg got 8.8 million tourists from overseas visiting and in 2010 the number increased from 8.8 to 15.9 people!! At Christmas there reepabahan festival comes and it is similar to Christmas but they have lots of contests and other games during the time. Every tourist who has visited Hamburg has seen the foundation which is also located in Geneva Switzerland. Some of the land marks are the TV tower and the st. Joseph church
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