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Love & Loss/Unrealized Love

No description

Esai Morales

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Love & Loss/Unrealized Love

A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Louis Armstrong (1925)
Advertisement: Egyptainne Cigarettes 1920's
Smoking was really popular in the 1920's and lots of advertisements were out to get people to buy their cigarettes. Many new Tobacco companies were emerging and the tobacco market was quickly growing.
Film: Phantom of the Opera (1925)
In this movie the protagonist, Christina Daaé, has a secret admirer, the phantom of the opera, who kills for her love.
Character/Celebrity Comparison
Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski is an example of how love jeopordises ones morals. He cheated on his wife, Hillary Clinton, who he has been with for 40 years. Just to be with Monica.
Love & Loss/Unrealized love
Love undermines one's morals
Love & Loss/Unrealized Love
In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby sacrifices everything to be with Daisy. He gives up his reputation and even loses his life
Film: The Notebook (2004)
In this film, a poor, yet passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman. Their love is broken up when the young man is sent to fight in WW2. When he comes back he finds that his lover has found another man but fights to get his relationship back.
This film is direct representation of Gatsby's life. It shows how Gatsby was a poor young man falling in love with a rich young woman, but their love was torn apart by war. When both of the male characters returned to their love, they found that she was with a different man and had to fight to get her back.
These films represent how one can go to great lengths to retrieve their lost love. Be it by changing yourself completely, or even killing someone else these films are great representations of love in the past and modern day.

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Cigarettes and love are both very addictive, and in The Great Gatsby love turns out to be damaging to Gatsby. Cigarettes were looked at as a luxury and an elegant thing to do when in reality it slowly killed you just as love tricked Gatsby. His obsessive love for Daisy ends up killing him.
Advertisement: Alcohol
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Alcohol advertisements are everywhere. They promise an unforgettable night and the best time of your life. What they don't advertise is that they get you intoxicated and can cause accidents.
In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby's love for Daisy is so strong and intoxicating that he fails to see how she doesn't truly love him as much as he does and that there really isn't a future for the both of them. Gatsby's ignorance leads to his death.
Skinny Love

This song shows how love can be easily lost because someone might want a relationship just for personal gain. The song explains how two people only hold onto the relationship because it give them a better social status.
In the Great Gatsby Tom Cheated on Daisy for Myrtle, who he has been married to for 5 years. The love for someone else can make you forget morals and right judgement. Love makes you do all sorts of shocking stuff.

This song relates to The Great Gatsby because the correlation of social status and love. Gatsby made it his life goal to have Daisy love him, and to do that he changed his social standings. With Gatsby being poor and Daisy being rich, Gatsby felt he was an inadequate lover for Daisy.
Skinny Love. Digital image. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 18 Jan. 2015. Web. 22 Feb. 2015.
A Kiss to Build a Dream On. Digital image. Lyrics Dog. LyricsDOG, n.d. Web. 22 Feb. 2015.
In this song, Louis Armstrong sings about how one kiss or a new found love can make someone dream a whole new life.
In this song, Louis Armstrong sings about how one kiss or a new found love can make someone dream a whole new life. When Gatsby fell in love with Daisy, he made it his goal to change himself for her. In trying to change himself for Daisy, Gatsby changed what made him a morally right person. Gatsby got into some bad business in an effort to make himself more appealing to Daisy and it changed himself morally.
It can also represent how Tom was with Daisy ,but they weren't really in love with but with his mistress Myrtle
This picture can represent how Daisy might have been with Tom, but she wasn't completely happy in his presence and still desired to be with Gatsby. Proving that infatuation for someone can prohibit you to love someone you really like.
Gatsby Comparison
Tango. Digital image. Pintrest. Kristen Turner, n.d. Web. 23 Feb . 2015.
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