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what has been your favorite tv shows/books

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Mr Duke!

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of what has been your favorite tv shows/books

at this point i was about three and was just starting breaside
in reception i started reading princess poppy
the start
what has been your favorite tv shows/books
the first book i remember is the Hungary catipiller

the first book i read at breaside was topsy and tim
when i was 4 i started watching angelina ballerena
wich was also the same time i started to dance
the first tv show was peppa pig
witch is about a pig and her daily life

also the time and the hobbies i loved then
at school we watched the octanoughts a lot wich i found verry scary
funily enough i won the class dress up prize whn i dressed up as my hero princess popp
in year 2
everyone loved tom and jerry but i found that verry scary
at this point i red everything to do with my favorite hobby danceing
skip to year three
my favorite program was sam and cat
my favorite books were malory towers
by year 5
i loved reading little women
i loved watching strictly
alot of your favorite hobbies are influenced by books
especialy dance
the more you read the more things that will interest you

so keep reading

and as they say on strictly keep dancing
the octonaughts later became one of my favorite programs
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