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Future possibilities

No description

nanda kumar

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Future possibilities

Future possibilities
Raw food / Multiple cuisine / Organic food
Stay in the forest
Farm stay
Butter making / Cooking
Natural Vedic Living
Spiritual rejuvenation
Ayurvedic / Panchakarma Center/ Naturopathy
Music Instrument Learning classes
Singing classes
Farm style restaurant
Yoga classes

Eco activities @ PANCHAVATI
Members will participate in the kitchen garden - plucking vegetables, fruits and offer, which they cooking for the day
Members will participate in the flower garden - plucking Tulsi and flowers for temple.
Member will participate in the seasonal community cultivation - rice, wheat, sugar cane, maize etc
Children will participate in the ongoing gurukul activities (music, Sloka & Sashtric studies)

Midterm Goals
Buy additional land for Setting up GURUKULA and A Vanaprasthashrama

Goal 1
To create a serene environment where we can practice the processes of Bhakti when we leave the cities.

Quit clause 1
If a devotee wishes to exit he will have to give a 6 month notice
The land will be offered in the following order:
The core team will consider if they can raise donations to buy the land
other existing Buyer/donors will be given the option
Other new devotees
Last may necessitate sale to favorable outsiders

Maintenance for the core team
Salem temple will take care of the maintenance of the core team including the infrastructure and their maintenance. Thus we will not be subject to continual donations as a commitment but may support at our discretion

Land Details
Total land is 25 Acres
Equation to split it to 20 units (1 acre each) for the participants and 5 (1 acre each) for the core farm community team
Legality and documentation has been checked with 2 lawyers and seems clean

The land price is 3.5L per acre
Costs involved registration, brokers… .5L
Donation to the core team 1L per unit
Total price 5L per unit of 1 acre

Money Timelines
Payment will be required immediately – latest by August 1st
Initial advance of 10L will be paid by the 1st week of July – as witnessed by a registered document

Sravanam Kirtanam camps
Pandal Programs
Programs with Visiting ISKCON gurus
Thematic lectures & seminars

e'go' activities
Trekking with cows in the forest
Members will participate in the cow tending (milking morning, evening)
Members will participate in the goshala maintenance (feeding cows, cleaning goshala, bathing cows

Ancillary Goals
Providing vocational training to village children.
Promotion of Organic Agriculture and Agro forestry
Micro credit
Old age home

How to reach PANCHAVATI
Bangalore: 138 kms
Chennai: 170 kms
Trichy: 170 kms

Salem: 94 kms
Flight to Bangalore then 3.5 hrs by road to Salem temple – have prasadam !!!, then drive for another 2 hrs.

Land and surroundings
Cultivated fields of villagers
One well around 15 feet during rainy season &
Around 40 feet during summer.
There is a stream passing around 30m away from land.
Soil and water has been checked in the laboratory.
Both are nice

KARMANDURAI land details
Altitude 2500 feet above the sea level
Receives 2 monsoon over 5 months
Almost a shower each month – green carpet

Karumandurai, Salem, Tamil Nadu

Assuming some of us may want to move in there in a 5 year horizon
Right to use land will be governed by the norms of the community – no commercial agriculture, pesticide, chemical farming….
Housing will be governed by the housing rules which will be aesthetic, but will be traditional and restrict cement use
Electricity use will be restricted to lighting and fans only. No internet other than communication, No mobiles if possible – a zone will be created for such use
A common communication center will take care of all these needs

Do’s and Don’t’s

At point of quitting the devotee has a right to:
the Original price paid – 3.5L
25% (0 - 50%)of the appreciation on the land and 75% will go toward the core community (this is under discussion)
If there is a constructed property on the land a consideration for that as agreed with the managing committee/buyer

Quit clause 2

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