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Concussion in Football

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on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Concussion in Football

Concussions in Football Prezi by:
Logan Jarvis Signs of a Concussion *acting confused * headache * vomiting * feeling drowsy * not thinking straight mild severe *seizures * coma *unequal pupils Signs of a Concussion... recovering * easily upset * confused *have a hard time with tasks that require remembering or concentrating * mild headaches * be less tolerant of noise Parts of the Football Helmet Frame or shell - round disk that fits around your head, it is Light weight and helps reduce the impact of a hit. Face mask - protects the face from injury, made of carbon steel, designed to protect the eyes, teeth, nose and jaw from impact. Placed padding - works like a shock absorber, it is inside the frame, and made of foam rubber. *muscle weakness * loss of consciousness Parts of the Football Helmet... Chin strap - a strap that connects from one side of the helmet to the other underneath your chin to help keep the helmet on your head. Mouth guard - during play, you bite down on the mouth guard so that it will act as a shock absorber while being tackled or knocked around. When and Why was the Helmet Invented? * The first football helmet was invented on December 2nd 1893. * The helmet was made for the Army – Navy game that year. * James Naismith first invented the football helmet. * He was born on November 6, 1861 and died on November 28, 1939. History and Advancement of the Football Helmet * The advancement of the football helmet began when a Lafayette College player named George Barclay designed the helmet harness, which consisted of three leather straps wrapped tightly around the head. It as built by a local harness maker on November 1, 1896. * Indiana sporting goods store owner Vern McMillan invented the first face mask for the football helmet. He designed it to protect the player's nose and to spread the force of contact away from the face. History and Advancement of the Football Helmet... * The first plastic helmet was made by John T. Riddell, owner of the Riddell Company, and his son John T. Riddell, Jr. While it was stronger, lighter and easier to make compared to the regular leather helmets. * Helmets were first made mandatory in college football in 1939, but the NFL waited until 1943 to make them mandatory. * In 2007, sports equipment seller Schutt came out with the ION4D, the most recent and safest helmet on the market. With better padding inside of the helmet the ION4D is the most popular helmet choice among football players. Preventing a Concussion * You should first get an athletic trainer to fit the helmets for your team. * Most people get concussions because their helmets do not fit properly. * It is important to wear a proper mouth guard. * If the player is hit in the jaw, the mouth guard will absorb most of the shock of the hit and help the player to not lose consciousness. * Teach players the proper tackling technique. Instruct players to lead the tackle with their body and not the head to reduce the risk of a concussion. * Enforce helmet contact rules that reduce the type of tackles that cause concussions. How many people die from concussions every year? * 50,000 people die from traumatic brain injuries such as concussions every year. * 300,000 children
are hospitalized for
concussions each year. * 80% of all people who get a concussion will recover within seven to ten days. 20% will have symptoms that go on beyond this time. 5% to 10% will have post–concussion syndrome and have symptoms for more than a month. How many people die from concussions every year...? * Most people who get post–concussion syndrome will recover but sometimes it might take more than a year. Just a very small number of these people will never recover. *1.5 million Americans
will receive a serious
concussion this year. How many football players will get a concussion this year? * 2,500 retired football players have had three or more concussions. * 62,000 concussions
happen in high school
football alone. * The amount of concussions is rising at a rate of 15% per year. * Over 300, 000 sports related concussions happen every year world wide. How many football players will get concussions every year...? * Of football players who suffered concussions, 6.5% suffered another concussion during the same exact season. * The NFL has donated over 30 million dollars to concussion research. * The average college player will receive over 1,000 blows to the head. * 4 to 5% of all football players will receive a concussion every year they play. Preventing a Concussion... What are the different kinds of football helmets? *Right now there are only 6 kinds of football helmets. *Air XP offers great protection and has a strong face mask and is built like a good helmet. * The Ion 4D is just as durable and strong as the Air XP. *The person carrying the ball can use the Riddle. It is used by approximately40% of the NFL. How do you treat a concussion? The first step in treating a concussion is to look at the wound and look carefully at the victim. You may not always see outside injuries, as some very minor scalp wounds bleed profusely, while some less visible injuries can cause serious brain damage. Step two if you think that a person has a concussion call a doctor. What seems to be a non-serious head injury may turn out to be a very serious one. Step three keep the victim as still as possible. Steps four look and see whether or not the victim is conscious. How do you treat a concussion...? Step five if the victim is conscious ask them lots of questions. If you ask them questions and they know the correct answer then they may not have a concussion. If they do not know the answer then that means they may have a concussion. Step six keep their head cool with an ice pack. The last and final step is to allow the victim to rest. For the first two hours wake the victim up every quarter hour. Then every half hour for the next two hours. Bibliography ask answers Wikipedia Bibliography wiki answers google YouTube 7th Grade AIG
Mrs. Carson Junior Seau On May 2, 2012, Seau's girlfriend
found him dead from a gunshot
wound to the chest at his home
in Oceanside, CA. Junior Seau did receive concussions but always kept playing. There were traces of concussion related brain damage in his system. Seau's family sued the NFL on January 23, 2013 Introduction Talking about concussions
in football is important because knowing what causes concussions can help people in their everyday lives. If you do not know whether or not you want to let your child play football, this information may help you. Review In this prezi I have
discussed football helmets and how they help to protect players and concussions and how you can prevent them. President Obama said that if he had a son he would have to think for a while
before letting him play football. The NFL has donated $30 million to concussion research.
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