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Life cycle of a cheetah

No description

Noora Akhtar

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Life cycle of a cheetah

At six months old the cheetah cub will be able to stop drinking it's mothers milk and eat real food. At 18 months the mother leaves the cub
The beginning
The steps (2-4months)
When the cheetah is 2 months old, it's eyes will open and it can see the wild for the first time. Then, at four months old the cheetah cub can walk by itself.
6-18 months old
2 years old
At about 2 years old , the female siblings leave the group and the young males stay together for life.
The life cycle of a cheetah
Cheetahs are part of the cat family. They are mammals that are found mostly in Africa and in the middle east.Cheetahs are slowly becoming endangered species because there african habitat is shrinking.

Baby cheetah
A cheetah cub is the first animal in the cheetahs life cycle. The cheetah cub weighs from 150g-300g at birth. Unlike some other cats, cheetahs are already born with their black spots.
2-4 months old
Thank you for looking at my prezentation. From looking at this, it looks like cheetahs just eat, sleep, hunt and mate
6-18 months old
Cheetah siblings
Endangered-1.threatened with danger
2.threatened with extinction
Extinction-1.becoming to die
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