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Extended Essay Orientation for Students

Designed by Mr. Meenach July 2012

Jason Meenach

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Extended Essay Orientation for Students

designed by Mr. Meenach
June 2013
Extended Essay Orientation
Core features
... small
IB Learner Profile

subject areas
Basic Requirements
4000 word maximum
300 word abstract
Cover page
Table of contents
Works cited page
MLA style
Must have school-based supervisor
Total assessment points 0-36
Grade Bands
A 29-36 points
B 23-28
C 16-22
D 8-15
E 0-7
Things to Know...
Strongly recommended to spend 3-5 hours with your supervisor.
Works cited / bibliography lists only sources cited
One set of assessment criteria A-K that is reinterpreted in each subject area
Concludes with the viva voce
What is the Viva Voce?
10-15 minute verbal interview
Reflection / feedback
Final check on plagiarism and malpractice
Helps supervisors write final report

What does my supervisor do?
Academic Honesty
Student is ultimately responsible
Work & ideas of others must be acknowledged fully & properly
Same piece of work, or two versions of same, cannot be submitted by student
Both plagiarism and collusion are forms of malpractice
IceBerg Model
7/8 time spent researching, developing, organizing, planning,drafting
1/8 of time spent writing; 100% of mark comes from this.
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
Final thoughts
Pick a subject area first,
then a topic that interests you
Save your work
- multiple times!
Communicating with your
supervisor and Mr. Meenach
is very important.
1. subject chosen from approved list
2. involves higher level research
3. topic of personal interest
4. aligned with IB learner profile
5. 40 hours of work
6. externally assessed
7. required of all DP candidates
Approved Subject Areas
These are not offered at TCHS
Social & Cultural Anthropology
Proceed With Caution
Group 1 Language
Business & Management
Classical Greek & Latin
Design Technology
Sports, Health, & Exercise Science
Literature & Performance
Visual Arts
World Studies
Computer Science
Group 2 Language
Environmental Systems & Societies
Human Rights
Information Technology in a Global Society
Peace & Conflict Studies
World Religions
Help with choice of topic
Refine research question
Ensure ethical and legal standards
Advise on research methods
Read & comment on first draft
Review assessment criteria
Participate in Viva Voce
Authenticate essay
Write supervisor's report
How is TC doing on EEs?
A: 8/211
B: 30/211
C: 79/211
D: 88/211
E: 6/211

*All 6 "Es" came in the same year.
*data from 2009-2013 (5 years)

The EE process requires
. No two extended essays are the same, and everyone encounters different challenges along the way.
This is college-level work that will prepare students for college research and writing.
The Goals of This Orientation
1. Know the features of the EE
2. Understand its unique place
in the IB Programme and its
importance to the IB diploma.
3. Know the supports in place
to help students.
if student earns an "E" on their Extended Essay, he or she must achieve higher marks on their other IB assessments in order to earn the IB diploma.

*if a student earns an "E" on both Extended Essay AND Theory of Knowledge, he or she is not eligible to earn the IB Diploma.
Important resources for students:

1. EE timeline
2. Supervisor
3. Mr. Meenach's EE website -
exemplars, information, reports
4. Subject criteria guide
5. turnitin.com
UK Libraries
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