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carl beaini

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Exercise

blood cells and blood
What is blood?
Do you know what blood is? It's red fluid that ouzes out of your body if an injury.
The average person has between 4-6 liters of blood.Blood helps you to
control your body.I think your blood
is one of the most imported things in your body.

What are blood cells?

What does blood do?
There are two types of blood vessels that carry blood throughout our bodies :
The arteries carry oxygenated blood that has received oxygen from the lungs. As the heart beats you can feel blood traveling through the body by feeling your pulse points. Points like the neck and the wrist where large blood filled arteries run close to the surface of the skin.
Veins carry de-oxygenated blood back to the heart.
Blood cells
How you could damage your blood?
Blood cells are formed in bone marrow.All blood cells arise from the same bone marrow
Stemcells import, meaning they never die at least not until you do.Blood cells are very good for your blood.

There are ways you could
damage your blood and if I was you I would not.For example, you could damage your blood by falling on the floor and bruising your skin and breaking your capilliaries.Someting else is bad for your blood to.Its energy drinks when you drink about 1 to 2 cans of energy drinks your blood very sticky and that is very bad for your heart so your heart stops working.It can case heart diesise

Red cells and white cells
White cells or leukocytes in other words fight of viruses, bacteria and fungi to keep our immunity strong.Red cells perform the most important blood duty.A single drop of blood contains millions of red cells which are constantly traveling through your body
delivering oxygen removing
Plasma is the relatively clear yellow tinted water. It consists of sugar, fat, protein and salt solution. It carries the red cells, white cells and platelets.
By Carl Beaini
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