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German Speaking Countries

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Theresa Celaschi

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of German Speaking Countries

German Speaking Countries
These countries recognize German as their primary or official language.
The capital of this doubly landlocked German-speaking micro-state in Central Europe is

, a hearty pasta-like dish with melted cheese, is one of Liechtenstein's classic delicacies

Liechtenstein is a German-speaking,
25km-long (~15.5 miles long/~62 square miles) principality
between Austria and Switzerland. It’s known for its medieval castles, alpine chalets, and villages linked by a network of trails.
Luxembourg City
is the capital, and together with Brussels and Strasbourg, is one of the three official capitals of the European Union in this landlocked country.

Judd mat Gaardebounen
is the national dish which translates to smoked collar of pork with broad beans.

It’s famed for its ruins of medieval fortifications. The vast
Bock Casemates
tunnel network encompasses a dungeon, prison and the Archaeological Crypt. This is considered the city’s birthplace.
Switzerland is one of the richest and wealthiest countries in the world, with the city of
being its capital.

The national dish,
, is a dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot over heat and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks.

While the Alps occupy the greater part of the territory, the Swiss
population of approximately 8 million people is concentrated mostly on the Plateau
, where the
largest cities
are to be found: among them are the two global and economic centers,
Zürich and Geneva

Vienna is the capital and largest city of austria. it is also the 7th largest city in the Eu and has the second largest number of German speakers after Berlin.

The national dish of austria is wiener schnitzel, which is a very thin breaded and pan fried cutlet made from veal.

Its artistic and intellectual legacy was shaped by residents including Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud
Other Tourist Attractions in Switzerland:
-Lake Geneva
is the capital of Belgium as well as one
of the capitals of the European Union.

Carbonade flamande
is a Belgian beef stew made with beer, served with bread or fries and mustard. This is considered one of the national dishes,
along with
, mussles cooked or
steamed with onions and served with fries.

Brussels is
increasingly becoming multilingual

with increasing numbers of migrants, expatriates and minority groups speaking their own languages.
Other tourist attractions in Austria:
-Mozart's Salzburg (birthplace)
-Melk Benedictine Abbey
Other Tourist Attractions in Germany:
-Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria
-Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt
-Cochem, Rhineland-Palatinate
(City name, State name)
is the capital of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany. With a population of approximately 3.5 million people, it is the second most populous city proper and the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union.

The national dish of is
which is a German pot roast that can be prepared with a variety of meats—most often beef, but also from venison, lamb, mutton, pork, and traditionally, horse. (
means sour or pickled and
means roast meat.)

There are many world renown people who were born in Germany, Nobel Prize winner
Albert Einstein
, Composers
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, & Johann Sebastian Bach,
Alois Alzheimer, Anne Frank, and
Nazi leader
Adolf Hitler.
Other Tourist Attractions in Liechtenstein:
-Vaduz Castle
-Gutenberg Castle
(outdoor recreation/hiking area)
Other Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg:
-Grand Ducal Palace
-Notre Dame Cathedral
-Adolphe Bridge
Other Tourist Attractions in Belgium:
-EU Parliament
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