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Christina Aguilera's Obstacles

No description

Sadie Melton

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Christina Aguilera's Obstacles

Christina Aguilera's Obstacles
She OVERCAME it...
She began to pursue her voice with lessons at her local church by an all to willing woman who attended there. Christina was bold, and her "boldness and strength in her voice comes from the weak times through her shaky childhood".
Why did I choose her?
I chose her, because she inspires me through her talent and look on the world. She is a strong, independent woman who doesn't let the industry and world influence her.
Christina Aguilara !!
Bio Time !!!
Born on December 18, 1980
Her childhood wasn't so great, she grew up in Staten island, New York, She had a Abusive Dad, Mom and Dad always fought, and Parents got divorced when she was only 7 years old.
She lived in Staten Island, New York, then moved to Pittsburgh where her Grandparents lived when her parents got divorced.
Christina only had one sister.
How did she overcome her Obstacle?
Her gift of singing made her stronger as she substituted the hurt of her unlikely home life for her passion for singing.
Some would call it "singing the blues."
She OVERCAME it ...
Christina's Father was Abusive to Her, her mother, and also her sister.
It affected , because she didn't have her father there with her all her life, so she really only had her father till she was 7 yrs old.
One Of Many Obstacles ...
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