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Club Orientation 2013-3014

No description

Erin Long

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Club Orientation 2013-3014

Club Orientation 2013-2014
What do you get from this experience?
What is ICC?
The Inter-Club Council is one of four councils of the Associanted Student Government and is composed of

1. The Executive Board
Shay Sharp, Director of student Clubs and Organizations.
Drew Yearwood, Administrative Coordinator for ICC
OPEN POSITION, Officer of Finance for ICC

2. One representative from each member club.
Student Development Office
The Office of Student Development provides a variety of services for clubs including: event planning assistance, payment processing, help completing forms, support addressing concerns or conflicts with club advisors, references for local vendor services (ex. Catering, t-shirt suppliers, speakers, etc.) and assistance reserving campus facilities. The Office of Student Development also provides workshops and resources for clubs.
Governing Documents
These governing documents should be considered a legacy to future members of your club.

Please take the time to make them as complete as possible

Constitution is an establishing document
By-laws are meant to be changed as needed

Democratic Leadership
The best practice to follow is to include as many members as possible in the decision making process.
this will not only help the members feel personally invested in the club and activity being planned but also personally responsible for the club and activity.
The club's President or designee facilitates each meeting and during discussion of each item, the facilitator allows each member who wishes to speak, the opportunity to do so.
When a decision needs to be made, the facilitator allows for fair and open discussion and an inclusive voting process.
This allows for the minority to be heard which is an important aspect of democratic leadership.
Saddleback Club Team
Audra DiPadova, Director of Student Life
Erin Long, Inter-Club Council Advisor
Natalie Hart, Club Assistant
Brent Palmer, Symplicity Guru
There are so many benefits to joining a club here at Saddleback College, and what you learn here, both in the classroom and by participating in co-curricular activities, directly correlates to the working professional you are on the path to becoming. Among the many applicable skills that you will learn in the clubs program are:

Thriving within team dynamics
Managing your time
Articulating your goals
Applying theory to real-life situations
Vincent Tinto states:
"...students are more likely to persist and graduate in settings that involve them as valued members of their institution. The frequesncy and quality of contact with faculty, staff and other students is an important predictor of student persistence."
Member or Affiliate?
Member Club
- Must attend all ICC meetings
- Has access to request and utilize club, ICC and ASG Funding
- May have events, conference and meetings off-campus
The Duties of the ICC Executive Board
The purpose of the Executive Board is to serve the clubs (for example by recording the information discussed in the ICC meetings, tracking club expenditures and planning and publicizing club-wide events.)
Shay, the Director of Student Clubs and Organizations will have regular office hours that you can attend to ask questions or request advice.
Affiliate Club
- Does not attend ICC Meetings
- Does not need to utilize club, ICC or ASG funding
- Does not have meetings or events off-campus
Why should your club join ICC
- Network and collaborate with other clubs
- Participate in college-wide governance through the Student Senate
- Participate in the decisions made about the funding that was allocated to the ICC by the Associated Student Government
Student Development Office Info
Student Services Center (SSC) room 210
(949) 582-4616

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.
Friday 9:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.

Online any time:

Walk-in for cursory help and questions
E-mail or make appointments with
Erin for in-depth assistance
Check out the Club Guide page for sample documents.
Student Development requires your club to conduct democratic meetings when conducting business regarding the expenditure of funds.
Quorum - the minimum number of club members needed to be present to conduct a fair and democratic meeting
All clubs must have a minimum quorum of 50% of the membership + 1 person to conduct business.
Another good item to add to your constitution is when, during the year, the club will establish the official number of members.

Ex. The club will establish quorum based on the number of members present at the second club meeting of the year.
What is needed to become active?
1. Find a faculty/staff mentor(s)
2. Recruit at least 5 members
3. Sign all participating students up in Symplicity.
4. Re-activate or charter your club in Symplicity
Include your club's governing documents.
Also include meeting day and time.
5. If the club needs to be chartered, once activation form has been submitted, attend ICC meeting to be formally approved.
What happens next?
Your club will be assigned a meeting room for the semester based on the information provided on the Activation or Petition for Club Approval Form
Your club may begin to plan events by completing Event Planning Forms
Your club may begin fund raising or using funds (member clubs who have completed the Finance workshop.)
If you have chosen to be a member club, a representative must attend ICC meetings - 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 1:00pm in SSC 212 (unless otherwise stated)
Check ICC Calendar for dates if you are unsure of when meetings will be held.
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