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No description

Ekaterina Zheleznyak

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of ACTIVIA

Anton Moskvitin
Mei Li
Ekaterina Zheleznyak

Target Market
Primary Target: Older Women
Jamie Lee Curtis campaign
30-54 years old; have family and professional demands, are responsible for grocery shopping,
Shakira global campaign

Secondary Target: Health-conscious adults
marketed as digestive aid, caused by stress or poor diet
consumers willing to pay a premium price for perceived digestive benefit
Competitor's Packaging
Functional food: granted front-of-pack health claim by Swiss authorities in 2013
"contributes to digestive comfort by reducing transit time and bloating"

Focus on clinically tried medical benefits and research
Unique bacterium formula

Vs competitors: Yoplait has released far less clinical trials, Nestle discontinued their probiotic yogurt line

Advertised by celebrities

Glass and Plastic containers
Package in white and red colors - resembles Swiss flag
mountains on display
few words in vivid font
original container shape
blue/dark blue colors
resembles a coffee cup - "to go" and "easy to consume"
simple, minimalistic
standard container
Black font on white background
Emphasis on simplicity
Doesn't take up a lot of space in grocery bag or when disposed in garbage bag
Comes in precise "for one"/"per week" portions
Green color is associated with "healthy" and "biodegradable"
Color and logo makes it stand out against competitors
Easily broken when suppressed or dropped
Resembles competitor's containers in shape
May crack when frozen
Threat: health concerns about BPA and plastic packaging
Solution: Can switch to bio-based polyactic acid (PLA) cups
already 5% switch
80% of Activia products in Germany
Add handles to box for easy carry
Parent Company
Brand: Activia
Product Differentiation
Dominates probiotics market:
2013 global sales: 2.5 billion euros, probiotic yogurt market valued at 4 billion euros
Positioning: A health beneficial probiotics yogurt with exclusive Actiregularis cultures “designed to taste good, and help regulate your digestive system”
A Special, Healthy, and Delicious Product!
Table 1: Functionality

Table 1: Communication
Table 2: Packaging Communication

All stores: dairy products in refrigerated section of store, usually in/near the middle of the aisle, placed among competitors such as Emmi, Nestle, and local brands

In Coop departments, Activia was being sold on the specific actions or profitable deals, for example: “if you buy an 8- pack Activia you pay for it less as if you bough 2 4-pack Activia” In contrast to Coop, Activia doesn't have such deals in Manor. That can be explained due to the fact that Manor is more expensive store, and Activia is sort of standardized regular product there, so it doesn't need such promotions there.

Accessibility: In general, I would say that it is easier to access Activia in most of the stores. (Except migros because they mostly sell locally produced products there). Consumers can easily find it and identify it on the shelves, they don't need to search for it.

- Opportunity: Activia can increase accessibility by expanding to Migros and other chains
world's biggest yogurt company
20% of global retail market worth $80.4 billion a year

- located not far from entrance/exit
- placed with other Danone products, surrounded by competitors
- eye-level, waist-level shelf space
- positioned as a dominant, popular, name brand; given more shelf space
- allocated space is also dependent on size of store itself
-Coop in the center of the city is much smaller than the one outside of the city, so shelves there itself are smaller and therefore less space is provided for each product.
- very back of store
- waist- level, knee-level shelf space
- easier to lift larger, heavier boxes
- Manor is a more "premium" store, that stocks more expensive brands- Activia is just one of the many brands; given equal shelf space
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