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MUSIC VIDEO CASE STUDY for the 'Music Video Producer' project

Use this Prezi to guide you through the expectations for the Video Case Study project. This piece of work will help you achieve U29/ LO1+LO2 .

Scott Hayden

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of MUSIC VIDEO CASE STUDY for the 'Music Video Producer' project

Evidence will be in the form of the submitted Video Case study uploaded to your

•Lyric interpretation
•Extending/ consolidating meaning
•Links to other artists

•Genre (‘Live’/ Concert footage, Animation, Interpretative, Impressionist, Surrealist)
•Narrative (Todorov, Barthes, Levi-Strauss)
•Post-modern (Pastiche; Parody; Intertextuality; Homage; Influence of commercials)
•Cutting to beat
•Editing effects
•Miming and lip sync/ Playback and lip sync
•Camera movements and angles
•Chroma key
Any worries about the Assignment?

•Marketing and Advertising (selling the brand)
•Synergy (Web, Social Media, TV, Film, Merchandise)
•Producers’ strategies (Major label, Independent, Artist self-produced)
Ask Questions before the DEADLINE
Tweet @bcotmedia

Post questions on Facebook

Post questions in Google Classroom
To instruct you of how to complete the MUSIC VIDEO CASE STUDY which will help you achieve LO1 and LO2 for
Unit 29: Music Video Production
In media, SYNERGY is the promotion and sale of a product (and all its versions) throughout the various subsidiaries of a media company e.g. films, soundtracks or video games.
How to complete the MUSIC VIDEO CASE STUDY
Lesson Objectives

1. Create detailed lecture notes on each section you are to complete in your Video Case Study

2. Use the Prezi and bcotmedia dictionary to identify examples and apply terminology to the:

Conventions, and
Techniques of Music Videos

3. 1-1 with Scott to ask any questions about the Assignment
This activity requires you to use your analytical skills...
We need to know you have the knowledge to carry out the project so have asked you to produce a 5-10 minute section of a TV programme commenting on the purpose, styles, conventions and techniques of music videos
You will write and record a spoken sound track over a selection of music videos that demonstrates an understanding of different styles and techniques...
Music Video Case study -

Purpose, Styles, Conventions, and Techniques of Music Videos
•To achieve the U29/ P1 and U29/ P2 you need to describe the purposes, styles, conventions, and techniques of music videos with some appropriate use of subject terminology [IE] outlining a basic understanding of technical terminology
To achieve the U29/ M1 and U29/ M2 you need to explain the purposes, styles, conventions, and techniques of music videos with reference to detailed illustrative examples for at least 10 of the bullet points above and with generally correct use of subject terminology
•To achieve the U29 D1 and U29/ D2 you need to comprehensively explain the purposes, styles, conventions, and techniques of music videos with elucidated examples for each of the 16 bullet points above and consistently use subject terminology correctly to support and justify the points made
Marketing and Advertising

Give an example of a Music Video where the artist is promoting their music/ brand

Arguably, this is any Music Video
Nicki Minaj has created a unique brand/ distinctive aesthetic (visual style) through her Music Videos and other Media
Disney pioneered synergistic marketing techniques in the 1920's/30s by givin companies the right to use his Mickey Mouse character in products and ads, and continued to market Disney media through licensing arrangements.
Musicians use synergy to help advertise their music itself and thus help to increase their sales.

You can see synergy in all forms of media eg Star Wars has toys of Light-sabers and figures of the characters made, as well as posters and games.
•Producers’ strategies (Major label, Independent, Artist self-produced)
Major label
Different company's produce Music Videos for different reasons
Characteristics of IMPRESSIONISM include:

Small, thin, yet visible lines
Open composition
Emphasis on accurate depiction of light and shadow in its changing qualities
Common, ordinary subject matter
Inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience
Unusual visual angles.
Sometimes has a focus on the effects of the passage of time
We will cover this next week in the Prezi entitled
'I gots 99 problems but my Pitch aint one'
Post-modernism is a reaction/ subversion/ rejection/ contradiction/ deconstruction or play, on traditional conventions.
Postmodernism…literally means 'after the modernist movement'

‘Modernity’ and the ‘modernist movement’ is a term that refers to the modern era (20TH CENTURY)
What is Post-modernity?

The Compact Oxford English Dictionary refers to postmodernism as: "a style and concept in the arts characterized by distrust of theories and ideologies and by the drawing of attention to conventions."
An affectionate tribute/ homage
A humourous imitation/ spoof
Intertextuality is the referencing of other media texts (film, TV, print, web etc.) within another media text.
To pay homage is to pay respect to previous work.
As Media has become more post-modern (mixing with all forms of Media) Advertisements have influenced Music Video even more.
Play the 'Editing game' on my site.

Check the bcotmedia dictionary to see if you got the terminology correct
Use the bcotmedia 'camera shots' tag on tumblr to help you identify terminology

TIP: The more terminology you use - the better your grade
Some artists go for a literal depiction of their lyrical content (as parodied in Literal memes online)
Here 'ol Pip's video extends the narrative of his lyrics - a satirical story about our trust of celebrity's where lovely, handsome, trustworthy Johnny Depp is a serial killer
To 'consolidate' meaning is to make it concrete/ clear/ to confirm it
Due to the POST-MODERN nature of our culture many Music Videos bring together influences from other Genres and Artists to create new combinations of styles
If something is surreal it has an oddly dreamlike quality, fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions (two or more elements put together for contrast)
Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected....

(that which does not follow)

...often used in humour.
Michel Gondry - One of my favourite Directors
('Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', 'Be Kind Rewind', 'The Science of Sleep') is a Surrealist worth researching.
Congruent - in harmony/ keeps together with surroundings

Incongruent - Doesn't keep in harmony/ belong in surroundings
This will need to be submitted in Google Classroom


•Interpretive means how an audience interprets the music video.•

The audience will watch the video and gain meanings from it in different perhaps more abstract ways.

•The audience to make their own interpretation of what they think the music video is about.
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