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reflecting back

No description

Kym Groth

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of reflecting back

Professional Learning, Resource and Support - PLRS
Awarded a contract with PSCQ to support small, rural/remotes services and services with a unsuccessful QA status or deemed to be vulnerable due to remoteness
from 2007 to 2011 we visited 30 services across Queensland where we supported the service with on site visits to educators homes, professional development around the FDCAQ process
over arching work
Aligns with our organisational values

lead from within - shape the future we want
enrich and promote confident, skillful and knowledgeable workforce in FDC
lift the profile of FDC as a relevant and valuable part of the australian ECEC community
recognise and respond to the changing needs of our sector.
advocate and represent - ensure FDC has a voice in all matters pertaining to ECEC program and practice
children and their outcomes are central to our work at all level.

Resource and Advisory
Resource and Advisory
funded to provide resource and advice to family day care sector...
Patty Beth Ridgeway
Eleni McDermitt
Peta McNellie
Kym Groth
Desley Garnett
Janice Rocca
Cathy Cahill

from humble beginnings
Primary role was providing information and supporting the family day care sector in their work operating the service and supporting educators
created the first companion guide for family day care.
supported regional groups with up date information
provided training on relevant topics
convened a conference annually
Resource and advisory services
continued to provide support to our membership with Desley working 3 days concentrating on providing:
advice on legislative matters
developed sample policies
send out up dates about relevant issues
responding to inquiries from Co-ord unit staff, parents looking for care, educators experiencing issues or potential educators looking for information about becoming an educator
Professional learning sessions
Kym concentrated on the PCQ contract Professional Learning on a range of topics from preparing for QA to planning and documenting children's learning.

We continued to convene a conference annually up until 2010 building a partnership with the Carers Association to support the family day care sector holistically
2001 - 2007
Lost funding which supported the work of FDCAQ
Introduction of FDCQA
New Legislation - Child Care Act/Reg 2002
D-regulation of fees
Change in Network support funding
abolished the boundaries
Our priorities
Build the profile
Participate in:
ECEC Metro Group
Leaps advisory group
DETE sector meeting
Workforce action planning
Loop articles
FDCA and ECA Conference - exhibitor and speaker
Gowrie Conference - speaker
Sector Engagement
Attending regional meetings
Educational Leader Network
Practice Mentor Network
Maintaining the membership on website
Connect FDC website
Mail Chimp - latest news

Professional learning
Educator induction package
Online sessions
CP, SCB, Food Handling
P.L sessions:
Loose parts
Sustainable Living - embedding sustainable practice
Risk Rich Environments
It's all about your practice
Get it together
New Practice Mentor training
Resources and Development

Sleep Research - QUT
Flexible Child Care - UQ
Leap Project
Get it together
Practice Mentor
Planning Diary
Reflective Journal
Connect FDC Website
Online course
Educator Induction package
Research in FDC
Our Team
While Cathy, Kym
and Peta
make up what is known as PLRS

The staff team within the Murarrie office contribute to the our success through their work......

without them we could not do all the work I have spoken about
Preparing sector for change
Major strategic initiative
- introduction of NSF
- engaging with new legislation and Quality system
Changes to CSP - operating without funding
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