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What is a teacher at ELSS?

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David Perks

on 5 July 2015

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Transcript of What is a teacher at ELSS?

Our teachers are not robots
we do not have a formula for teaching
we do not want every lesson to be the same
we are not driven by Ofsted
mindless activity is not teaching
Our teachers teach
we have high expectations
we teach the subject
we aspire for every pupil to know as much as we do
we take risks in order to take pupils further
we use the method of the subject
we do anything to push understanding further
Questioning is a strength
closed questions close minds
be prepared to be challenged by the pupils
work hard to answer ALL their questions
treat every pupils question or answer seriously
assessment is the key to success
pupils are assessed rigorously and regularly
pupils achievements our a measure of our achievements
pupils failures are our failures
What is a teacher at ELSS?
ambitious and hard working
we reward success
we expect everyonbe to make the most of the opportunity
we work hard
we share a common goal - getting the most from every child
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