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Measuring the Mountain

No description

Tudi Le

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Measuring the Mountain

Measuring Tiger Mountain... and one of the towers on top... relative to Hazen High School Tiger Mountain... plus tower Hazen Catherine :) Tiger Mountain
... Plus Tower Quest: Find the height of Tiger Mountain and the tower relative to Hazen... Find AN A N M If we can find an angle and a side, we could use the trig functions to find AN. A N M Sarah :) We can find angle M with a protractor or an angle measuring tool. Finding NM would be difficult to do from campus, so finding AM is our next step. 10 degrees If we form an isosceles triangle with AM as an altitude, we can find the measure of AM B C Both starting at M, Catherine and Sarah walk twenty six feet to C and B, respectively. Tiger Mountain... plus tower Hazen A N M 10 degrees B C 26 feet 89.9 degrees 89.9 degrees Trig Time... Hazen M 10 degrees B C 26 feet 89.92 degrees 89.92 degrees To find AM: tan(89.9 degrees)=AM/26 ft
(tan(89.9 degrees))(26 ft)=AM
AM=14,896.888 ft Tiger Mountain
... Plus Tower A N M 10 degrees AM=14,896.888 ft To find AN: sin(10 degrees)=AN/14,896.888 ft
(sin(10 degrees))(14,896.888 ft)=AN
AN= 2,586.817 ft The height of Tiger Mountain and one of the towers atop it relative to Hazen High School is 2,586.817 feet. CHECK: Google the elevation of Tiger Mountain and of Hazen High School. 3,005 feet - 490 feet = 2,515 feet Height of Mountain alone relative to Hazen: Our answer for height of mountain AND the tower: 2,586.817 feet Average height of a tower:
100-300 feet Our answer for height of tower: Elevation of Hazen High School=490 ft 71.817 feet PREPARE FOR SEXINESS!!!
Period 2
Tudi Le, Catherine Lin, Sarah Sherrod, Andrea Dao Now we have enough of the values to find AM You have amazing eyesight... STEP ZERO!!!!! BEFORE YOU DO STEP ONE, FIND THE MOUNTAIN!!!! IT'S HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS!!!! There are several ways to find AM (the distance from Hazen to the top of the tower). Our first step was to ask Muck... and then come back and ask him again... and then go measure... then ask again... and again........ Her head is blue....
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