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The Glass Roses

No description

Michelle Peiris

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of The Glass Roses

Point of view
Alden Nowlan
The Glass Roses

individual vs self
individual vs. nature
individual vs. other individual

why did the author choose to set it in this time period?
To what extent should parents control or influence their children’s choices?
What is the effect of the tone to the characters, Leka and Stephen?
Raise your hands if you think that Leka and Stephen are homosexuals
what do you think does this line mean?
'Gently, now, gently'
what was your first impression of Leka's personality, and why did you think that way?
what was your first impression of Stephen's personality, and why did you think that way?
As a senior high school student, what does a bomb symbolize in your life?
What do you think is the definition of the word “masculinity” in the story?
Do you agree that Stephen was a man from the start of the story?
reflection questions
Five years after the story has taken place, where do you think Stephen is?
Out of all the characters, who best represents you?
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