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Carbone - Prezi

A Prezi about Internet Inquiry

Jennifer Carbone

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Carbone - Prezi

by Jennifer Carbone Internet Inquiry Develop Search Evaluate Share Compose In a group
Individually Brainstorming Set a bookmark & let them explore!
The students search for information
about their questions Books are still a great resource!
The students develop an important question Conduct a Session Select a topic
What is important?
What would I like to know? Phase 2 Phase 3 The students evaluate
the information
they found Search the Internet Is it fact or opinion?
How current is the information?
Who wrote the information?
Is it a reliable website?
Is there a more important question? Questions students
should ask Phase 4 Students compose a presentation Poster
Written report
Multimedia presentation
Oral report A tool for evaluating resources Phase 1 Phase 5 Students share
their answers Set aside a regular time for sharing
Hold workshop sessions
Have an academic fair
Students respond to questions Develop a question Search for information Evaluate the information Repeat if
needed Compose a presentation Share what
you learned Project Ideas Language Arts Investigate an author's life and give a presentation as the author
Select a style of writing and create an informational booklet about it
Research a historical fiction book and compare it to other historical sources Math Explore fractals and create a visual example
Examine baseball statistics and determine the best way to display data
Investigate mathematicians and share their findings Science & Social Studies Select a time period and discuss a major event
Choose a country outside of the United States and investigate a its culture
Explore significant scientific discoveries and create a presentation For Questions or Comments Contact Jennifer Carbone

jennifercarbone@hotmail.com Types of Questions Organizing
Questions Clarification
Questions Elaborating
Questions Probing
Questions Essential
Questions Divergent
Questions http://www.fno.org/nov97/toolkit.html Subsidiary
Questions Telling
Questions Planning
Questions Inventive
Questions Sorting & Sifting
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