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LSC 435

Sami Benz

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Gatorade

Other PepsiCo Brands



Quaker Oats

The Path to PepsiCo
Is it Online?
Celebrity Duel
Mike vs. Mia (1997)
Indra Nooyi
CEO of
Sami Benz
Megan Flynn
Anna Kalscheur

1965: Gatorade was developed by University of Florida physician Dr. Cade and his team.

Fall 1966/early 1967: After using “Gatorade” the Florida Gators ended their season 9-2 and won the Orange Bowl for the first time.

1967: Gatorade spread to other football teams. Playing without Gatorade was soon likened to “playing with just ten men on the field”.

1967: Gatorade initiated a relationship with
the NFL, supplying Gatorade to their teams.
1969: After using Gatorade for the entire season, the Kansas City Chiefs beat heavily favored Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

1970: Elvis Presley drank Gatorade on stage.

1983: Gatorade became the official NFL sports drink.

1984: Gatorade enters Canada.

1985: First “Gatorade Dunk”

1987: Gatorade enters Asia.

1988: Gatorades enters Europe & South America
1988: Gatorade opens the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI).

1991: Michael Jordan signed a 10 year deal with Gatorade worth 13.5 million dollars.

1999: The Gatorade Energy Bar debuts.

2007: Dr. Cade, inventor of Gatorade, died.

2010: Gatorade introduced G Series to the public.

2010: Gatorade & GNC partner focusing on G Series.
Created in 1965
Under Pepsi-Co
Rebranded Gatorade: 
G Series
Contains in 8 oz:
Carbs (14g)
Electrolytes (110mg)
Holds 77.2% of market share
Official sports drink of NFL,
& many others
Created in 1988
Under Coca-Cola
Powerade Option
Rebranded Powerade: 
Powerade Ion4
Contains in 8 oz:
Carbs (19g)
Electrolytes (50mg)
Holds 21.7% of market share
Official sports drink of the
Olympic Games
Head to Head
Michael Jordan
Mia Hamm
Cam Newton
Kevin Durant
Hope Solo
Derek Jeter
Matt Kenseth
Eli Manning
Dwight Howard
Peyton Manning
Serena Williams
Abby Wambach
Landon Donovan
Vitamin Water
Vince Young
Carmelo Anthony
Jason Campbell
Venus Williams
Shawne Merriman
Kobe Bryant
David Ortiz
Kelly Clarkson
Ellen DeGeneres
50 Cent
1965: PepsiCo was formed when Pepsi-Cola merged with Frito-Lay.

1967: Dr. Cade comes to an agreement with Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. (S-VC) to produce the already patented Gatorade.

1983: Quaker Oats wins the bidding war with rival Pillsbury and buys S-VC.

1988: Pepsi receives licensed manufacturing of Gatorade in some world markets.

1998: PepsiCo acquires Tropicana.

2001: PepsiCo wins a bidding war with Coca-Cola and acquires Quaker Oats and ultimately Gatorade.
Todd Magazine
President of
Josh vs. Peter (2006)
Target Market
When Gatorade was first started - just for collegiate and professional athletes.

When first made available to the public - target was young adults (18-30).

In 1985 - focused on the youth athlete market, displayed in the ‘Be Like Mike’ ad campaign.

In the 1990s – focused on women athletes, displayed in Mike vs. Mia ad.

Gatorade focuses on serious athletes.

Currently – directed toward all serious athletes, from youth to professional.
Gatorade Loves the 80s (1984)
Be Like Mike (1992)
G-Series Revolution (2010)
Time to Make a Change?
2005 ESPN Article.

Gatorade had not changed its formula since it was first created in 1965.

Science has come up with improved ways to help your body while working out.

Players actually not drinking Gatorade as much as we think.

May be the cause for the G series.
Don't Touch My Gatorade!
Awkward. . .
Making G Series available to public might have backlash from current consumers.
Gatorade dropped Tiger Woods after the sex scandal.
High blood pressure

Weight gain

Tooth decay
“I’m kind of torn,” says New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who was at the launch event in Manhattan last week. “We though it was something secret that we got to have, and now the public gets to have it too.”
The Winning Formula
Extra Flavor
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