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10 Tips For Prezi

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Daksh Malhotra

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of 10 Tips For Prezi

Top 10 Tips For Prezi
Tip 1:
Selecting a theme

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First when you start up your prezi account you have a choice to pick a theme.
A theme is a template which basically helps you lay out your information in a very fancy manor.
Like This One
And this
Tip 2: Get high definition pictures
It is very important to get high definition pictures because you want to let the audience see what your displaying.
This is what you shouldn't do
This is what you should do
Tip 3: Zooming effects
As was shown, the zooming effects on prezi are pretty cool. This effect is one of the main parts of prezi. This effect is mainly used for funky presentation. Which is what prezi is used for.
Here is an awesome example
What Else??
Tip 3: Use 3D Backgrounds
Tip 4: Using a 3D Background
Put 3D backgrounds so it looks cool and it is more interesting to watch.
There are many different kinds of back grounds you can pick. Actually anyone from the internet.
Such as
Tip 5: Other Effects
Do random Chiz
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