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History of the first toilet by: Tori~

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Allstars 2014-2015

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of History of the first toilet by: Tori~

In 1596, a toilet that was made to flush was made for Queen Elizabeth by her godson, Sir John Harrington.
1910 ~
In the beginning of the 1910s, toilet designs started changing away for elevated water tank into the modern toilet with a closed tank.
In 1829, the Tremont Hotel of Boston became the first hotel to have indoor pluming, and to have eight water closets.
Pictures of toilets ~
A toilet was discovered in the tomb of a chines king of Western Han Dynasty htat dates back to 206 BC to 24 AD.
1800 ~
During the 1800s, people realized that poor sanitary conditions lead to diseases. Having toilets and a sewer systems that control human waste became a priority to law makers, medical experts, inventors, and general public.
History of the first toilet
Why it was made ~
Resources ~

Thank you for watching!!
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