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Global Perspectives: Law and Criminality

No description

Grace Liu

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Global Perspectives: Law and Criminality

Global Perspectives: Law and Criminality
Explaining Further
Last two points:
Second last point - This is normally due to a person having multiple or double personality disorders.
Last point - There are those who wish to be dominant and controlling.
The need to have ultimate power.
Possible Scenarios
This would be that different psychologists around the world attend to different prisons and provide medical care to all the inmates to help reduce the rate of recidivism.
More Possible Scenarios
This would be that nothing is done about the mental states of criminals in prison. This could later result to an increase in crime without a stop or decline.
Can this be explained?
First point - by not knowing the specific or appropriate punishment for a crime, this makes it much more tempting.
Second point - This is one of the most common. It is highly likely for someone to give into their emotions due to hard conditions.
Recidivism and Psychological Causes
Recidivism:This is the habitual relapse of crime.It would be most commonly known as repeat offenders.Recidivsm actually contributes a fair amount to the world of crime. 40% of people who have committed crimes are most likely to be repeat offenders.
What is in the mind of a criminal?
What are the
psychological causes of this?
There are many reasons why people commit crime
Some of these reasons are:
They lack knowledge of what the punishments or consequences may be and they think that they can easily get away with it.
They are driven and forced to commit crime due to overwhelming and harsh circumstances.
Feeling an irresistible urge to commit crime in order to cause some "excitement" in their average and mundane lives.
Feel an equally irresistible urge but unconscious forces which are unknown to him. A victim of this usually claims that this is foreign to their normal personality. However, they struggle to go against this.
In order to gain power and respect though fear and violence.
My personal view on this situation is that most things that occur is due to a psychological cause. Thus, if something is done about the mental reasoning of the inmates, I believe that there will be less crime and I will feel safer walking among the streets.
If something is done about this and crime rate does decrease. There will be more tourism occurring in the country and its neighboring countries as well. This then helps and improves the economy.
Crime happens on a world wide basis. Thus, if crime rate is reduced, it would have an effect on a global scale. Less crime will result to improved economies, safer societies, less civil wars and lower unemployment rates.
What is the true reason behind crime?
Do we really have the right to judge?
Crime has to stop
What was your reason?
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