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Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant (ImmortalHDFilms)

No description

Matt Price

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant (ImmortalHDFilms)

Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant (ImmortalHDFilms)
Hero Project
By: Matt Price
Aleksandr was born in Russia, he was raised
there until the age of 8, then he moved to the United States where he has remained ever since. He went to college for Graphic Design at the age of 18, but soon discovered "It wasn't his thingy." About a month later he found the website "YouTube", where he started his career. Now, He is an inspiration to me and many others.
Fun Fact: Aleks didn't reveal his face until 3/30/12 before that he wore an Optimus Prime mask, ever since then that has been his symbol.
My hero is Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant (ImmortalHDFilms on YouTube). Aleksandr is a Russian born YouTuber who has inspired me and many others to keep fighting and to never give up.
Aleks is a hero in many ways, he might come off a bit edgy, but to his fans he is all we could ever ask for. He has done many heroic things, in recent events he has participated in the Make A Wish foundation making children with life-threatening conditions "Wish" of meeting him come true. He has also participated in a 24-hour livestream with a group he is in "Machinima" where all the proceeds went to Charity.
Most of the people who influenced Aleksandr where YouTubers before him, such as KSIOIajidebt, Seananners, and SlyFoxHound. He saw how he could help people and wanted to be an influence on other people like these men were to him.
Left are SlyFoxHound and Aleksandr
To the right are Aleks and Seananners
Positive Impacts:
Aleksandr has had many positive impacts on the world, with various donations of his own hard earned money, and saving various fans lives with his content. Many people might say he is a bad role model, but to me and many others he is everything.
Since, Aleksandr has no college degree
or qualifications for other jobs he is fully reliant on YouTube for his source of income. He must keep his fans happy, because if they stop watching he loses money. (YouTube is hard to understand) Being a hero really doesn't affect his daily life, he loves it. He loves hearing about how much he has helped people, it makes him feel important.
Works Cited:
Basic info: My head
All other information: http://thecreatures.wikia.com/wiki/ImmortalHD
1st Picture: https://twitter.com/ImmortalHDQ
2nd Picture:
Representing today's values:
Aleksandr is a leader to his fans, he's brave and he doesn't care what people think as long as his followers are happy with him. Another way he represents today's values is by saving people's lives. He is also very detirmined he has been working at YouTube for 3 years now and has been making the world a better place, ever since.
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